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  • Boundary Dwellers and Path of True Will

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    Excerpts from Atlantean Magic - Guide to a Joyous Future, San Francisco Intensive, September, 1999

    The Painter, the Poet, the Musician, and the Philosopher ... It's not about vocation or avocation; these are the Boundary Dwellers of the Path of True Will, very special and magical voices within us. They are a special part of our consciousness, of our being, that resides on the metaphorical boundary of reality, always seeking, searching, and discovering what lies beyond. The Painter walks the hallowed pathways of solitude while the Poet seeks enchantment. The Musician follows the paths of beauty, and the Philosopher, who yearns to unravel the mysteries, is called by love. A moving and revealing discussion ...

    Time: 16:29

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    Keywords: Atlantis, Atlantean Magic, Excerpts, Vision

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