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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Weeding Negative Futures & Seeding Positive Futures
  • Weeding Negative Futures & Seeding Positive Futures

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    The future has always created the present against the backdrop of the past. And between the future and the present, there is a pipeline filled with futures on their way to being manifest in our reality. Some are good; some we would like to avoid. The meditations on this tape take you into the Pipeline of Futures where you can safely encounter -- and weed out -- the futures that you don't want to experience. There are fears to be met here, but they never have to manifest. Then there is the powerful opportunity to "seed" the pipeline with beautiful futures of dreams, with wonderful relationships, with powerful love and growth -- with fantasia. Letting More Love into Your Life Series, #11

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    Meditation: Weeding Negative Futures / Seeding Positive Futures Meditation

    Keywords: Future Creation, Pipeline of Futures, The Luminous, The Numinous, Circle of Focus

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