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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : The Mystical Other: Beyond the Conscious Mind
  • The Mystical Other: Beyond the Conscious Mind

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    "There is a world … the world of Other … where magic laughs with the winds and dances with the waters. Cradled by the earth, magic blossoms with the light of each new dawn‘s day." (Lazaris) We can begin an adventure that can last far beyond the remaining years of this lifetime; it can stretch and grow beyond all space and beyond all time. Lazaris is there for us as we begin this adventure in earnest. As this evening‘s discussion begins, Lazaris tells us a story … an enchanting and magical story … about the "first adventures" into the Realm of Nature Spirits and Faeries. Then he speaks of the Ether - the pre-conceptual and the pre-structural that emerges from and surrounds the Essence. Out of the Ether, energy generates force. Out of the energies and forces, dynamism produces the Elements. Out of the interplay, the Spirit of Nature manifests, and the world of Nature Spirits unfolds. It is a magical evening beyond compare. Lazaris also speaks of the many misconceptions and then the more-real conceptions of the Other, the Mystical Other, and of the Faerie Realm. For example, Gnomes, Undines, Sylphs, and Salamanders are Nature Spirits; they are not Faeries, though they are often thought of as such. Elves are not Faeries. Oh, there are so many more misconceptions, and there are wonderful conceptions that truly make this exploration an adventure like no other. Lazaris takes us upon a guided visualization to set our adventure in motion. He reminds us that this evening‘s discussion is only a beginning. He then offers technique to allow that beginning to be meaningful and valuable. Lazaris opens gateways and shines a light along the pathways to the Mystical Other, and we "will never be the same again."

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    Meditation: First Foray into the Mystical Other Meditation

    Keywords: Streaming; Download, Ether, Elements, Forces, "Spirit of Nature," "Nature Spirits," Gnomes, Sylphs, Undines, Salamanders, Other, "Mystical Other," Faerie, Faeries

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