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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : The Mystery & Magic of Co-Creation
  • The Mystery & Magic of Co-Creation

    Product #466


    A dynamic discussion of the hidden definitions, understanding, and wisdom of what co-creation really is: It is reaching into the Unknown Realm for possibilities that are beyond the human potential; a process of encountering and unfolding the Energy of Together and the Energy of Between; a gift from your Higher Self that is rooted in the higher realms. Lazaris discusses an Evolving Concept of God, the Cone of Power, a Blending of the Mind Technique, and explores the Council of the Seen and Unseen. He explores the Paradoxes of Co-Creation that involve genius and insanity, responsibility shared and responsibility owned, and the identities of the co-creators: animus and anima, the Archetypes, Higher Self and Future Self, The Old Man and Old Woman, seen friends (those we admire), and special friends like Lazaris. With a magnificent meditation. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

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    Meditation: Mystery and Magic of Co-Creation Meditation

    Keywords: Evolution of Consciousness and Power, Evolving Concept of God, Paradoxes of Co-Creation, Co-Creators (Unseen Friends), Energy of "Together", Energy of "Between", Fusion, Oneness, Responsibility, Cone

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