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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : The Lost Magic of Innovation: Chasing Ultimate Dreams, Embracing Optimal Experiences (Evening Only)
  • The Lost Magic of Innovation: Chasing Ultimate Dreams, Embracing Optimal Experiences (Evening Only)

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    You are in the uncharted of a world becoming new. You are surrounded by miracles waiting to unfold. You are in the uncharted of yourself, discovering the more of you. --Lazaris

    And so the Culminating Weekend of 2013 begins with Lazaris’ lively discussion of the wonder of creativity at the core of everything that is fascinating in living and loving life. The discussion continues with a step-by-step approach to enhancing our rapport and to maturing our relationship with both creativity and innovation, a journey which includes celebrating enchantment and inspiration, seeking guidance and exploring the fascination and mattering of our craft and our creations, and discovering the presence that isn’t always present in our work.

    With a solid Foundation of Creativity we can find our personal threads of creativity. Among them there is a thread, a fragile yet unbreakable thread, that can lead us to the Magic of Innovation. But we need more than a foundation. We need to maneuver our way past the resistance.

    Lazaris lays out the Fundamental Resistance to Creativity and the Unique Resistance to   Innovation. Lazaris then suggests a new foundation of positive or liberating resistance that involves Chasing the Ultimates and Embracing the Optimal. This is a powerful Evening recording that gives direction and is alive with magic. It is a beautiful prelude for the rest of the Culminating Weekend that followed. This evening concluded with a rousing meditation-ritual: Stirring the Muse.

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    Meditation: Stirring the Muse

    Keywords: Creativity, Foundation of Creativity, Resistance to Creativity, Innovation, Resistance to Innovation, Threads of Creativity, Pursuing, Chasing

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