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  • The Crisis Tape

    Product #6017


    Crises can be spiritual challenges. They may be of our making – out of martyr or ego – or they may have other sources. Either way they can represent spiritual challenges. In earlier times, people recognized a spiritual crisis as a time of challenge and an opportunity for transcendent growth and powerful healing. But now crises are points of shame and embarrassment – and the esoteric process of crisis and liberation is unknown to most of us.

    In this invaluable tape Lazaris begins with healing: the Crisis meditation/ blending is one of the most beautiful, liberating, and healing meditations ever put on tape. Lazaris' compassion encompasses and heals us in ways that are literally beyond words. Once we are in a less fearful, more secure place, Lazaris explains the process that is a crisis: the building of the crisis, its bursting into reality, and its dreaded "vacuous space" – that still, unmoving, empty space within a crisis that seems to say that it will last forever. Lazaris helps us break up the vacuous space and move forward, gives us a ritual to end the crisis and bring it to resolution, and some invaluable suggestions for heading off crises before they even manifest – a gift to keep the future clear of crises as much as possible. A heartening and encouraging message for the most trying of times. For as Lazaris says, we did not come this far to have it all fall apart now.

    (Length: 1 hour)

    Please note: Although it has been many years since we stopped carrying tapes, we have left the original title of this release the same as it has become well known as the "Crisis Tape."

    Audio Sample

    Meditation: Crisis Meditation/Blending with Lazaris

    Keywords: Crisis, Ritual To End a Crisis, Time Bombs, Healing, Vacuous Space

    Price: $14.95

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