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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : Self-Worth/Self-Respect
  • Self-Worth/Self-Respect

    Product #434


    This recording is remarkable for its opening discussion of spirituality and the evolutionary processes of the Self -- and for its illumination of the often-misconceived aspects of self-worth and self-respect. Lazaris explains that self-worth is our "given" value as spiritual beings -- a gift from God/Goddess/ All That Is that can never be taken away. It is never earned, always experienced. It's complementary quality is self-respect, the rich appreciation of our emotional self that we earn and develop. Both are necessary for our relationship with God/Goddess/All That Is, and this release is a step-by-step journey of understanding both. The meditation is geared toward awakening the experience of self-worth that is already there in us, and for beginning the development of true self-respect which is ours to create. 3 hours.

    There were some technical problems during the recording and there are a few places where there is a loss of sound, however no information is lost.

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    Meditation: Self Worth, Self Respect

    Keywords: Self Worth, Self Respect, Aspects of Self

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