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  • Reaching for the Stars

    Product #672


    Reaching beyond the sludge and briar of our past, we can touch our stellar tradition. Reaching beyond the seductions and fears of our fantasies, we can touch our shining futures. And somewhere in between what was and what will be, we can begin reaching for the stars. During this amazing evening, Lazaris begins our exploration by examining what it means to reach for the stars. He speaks of more joyous success and profound happiness as well as of profound compassion and joyous knowing. He speaks of greater value and greater presence along with greater loving and healing. To achieve these qualities that are also the components of reaching, we need new and expanded technique. After a brief review of the success cube, image/identity, and the mystery of our choices, Lazaris offers a step-by-step exploration of four distinct and profoundly powerful techniques: Enriching & Embellishing Identity/Image; New Dimensions of Success Cube; Mystical Choice and Expanding Love‘s Domain. Each technique is vibrant. Each overflows with the essence of magic.

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    Meditation: Expanding Love's Domain

    Keywords: Success Cube, Mystical Choice, Image, Identity, Reaching, Domain

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