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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : 8218 Awakening the Weaver Woman
  • Legacy PPV Awakening the Weaver Woman, Culminating One Day 2015

    Product #8218

    8218 Awakening the Weaver Woman
    46 Day Access

    Keywords: Presence, Grace, Mattering, Awakening, Weaver Woman, Black Dog

    Price: $125.00


    Awakening the Weaver Woman, Culminating One-Day

    The world needs you. The world is waiting for you to step up and to work your magic. You will respond. You will succeed. But how will you respond and how elegantly will you succeed? ~ Lazaris

    So begins an intimate One-Day Workshop — a one-to-one workshop where Lazaris and each of us individually work together — to awaken the Weaver Woman that is in each of us — in the Between of each of us. It’s a powerful day of Remembering, Focusing, Maturing, and Developing. And amid the magic of a day, with a pinch of elegance along with the bounty of our magic, the Weaver Woman can begin to wake up in us, and our nature and our grace can expand in depth, in reach, in scope, and in value. That is, with the Weaver Woman awake in us, our love and healing, our dreaming, and our magic can graciously expand.

    As Lazaris so touchingly says:“Without having more, without doing more, you can become and be more.”

    In many ways this incredible One-Day is a Culminating Workshop for 2015. Among the discussions and explorations, there’s a Blending (Waking Our Presence and Grace), a stunning meditation: Remembering the Mattering and an incredible concluding ritual: Awakening the Weaver Woman. Amid the magic of a day, there is an incredible force of love and intimacy, a sublime force of caring and compassion. Welcome to a day of awakening as we conclude one year and prepare to embark on another year’s journey. Welcome.


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