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Shop : Meditations and Blendings : Includes Meditation : New Portals of Freedom: Intimate Dialogues with Your Future Self
  • New Portals of Freedom: Intimate Dialogues with Your Future Self

    Product #730


    This beautiful recording is more a magical working than a discussion, even as Lazaris begins by exploring why working with our Future Self can be so rewarding. For example, with dialogues with our Future Self, we can reach beyond our current rounds of resistance and our current boundaries of growing/changing. We can find renewed or new light of hope, caring, and loving and we can awaken dreams rich with opportunity. And we can rekindle the magic we know and engage new magic from beyond the threshold. Creating intimate dialogues with our Future Self can be an elegant pathway not only to having freedom, but also to being free … to being freer. Lazaris continues by laying out the seven-step map for this distinctively powerful technique: Intimate Dialogues with Future Self. Beyond facing and healing our resistance, and meeting and overcoming the hurdles, we can open to our Soul and Spirit, creating a beautiful doorway for our Future Self. As we link our chakras with the chakras of our Future Self, the dialogues can begin. This recording includes the hour-long, Intimate Dialogues with Future Self Meditation, which is truly a working of magic.

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    Meditation: Intimate Dialogues with Future Self

    Keywords: Freedom, Free, Dialogues, Future Self, Chakras, Healing

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