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  • High Energy + Enthusiasm

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    High Energy is a transforming element of life. Physically we feel better all the time, and everything is easier to do. It adds brightness to our programming and aliveness to our process, our work, and our relationships. Enthusiasm spreads light around everything, sparks our desires and curiosity, and brightens imagination. These two recordings bring these energies to the edge of joy, reworking our subconscious habits to allow for vastly more of these two invaluable and delightful aspects.

    The Red Label Series is a very special series of meditations from Lazaris. Each title contains two topics which work together, and for each Lazaris gives a days-on/days-off formula for listening which follows the pattern with which your subconscious works most effectively in creating change. Though they are not subliminal recordings; once you have listened to them consciously, many may be used at night while you're asleep. Each title consists of two 30-minute meditations.

    Begin with either title you desire. You can successfully use these recordings in an awake meditation, or they work equally well as sleep programming recordings. Whichever tape you begin with, use it twice a day for seven consecutive days.

    When you have finished with one title, WAIT for 48 hours (2 days) to allow the impact to fully settle in your Subconscious Mind. Then use the other title twice a day for seven consecutive days.

    Upon completion of this process, similarly, WAIT 48 hours (2 days) before resuming the other meditation. This wait is suggested to maximize the results - it is not essential. You create your own reality and will ultimately determine the benefits of this program.

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    Meditation: High Energy/Enthusiasm Meditations

    Keywords: energy, health,subconscious,enthusiasm

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