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  • Ending Self-Sabotage

    Product #449


    Self-sabotage: We don't know what we did to produce it, we move instantly to self-hatred and depression, and we feel powerless. We experience a shattering breach of confidence and panic in the face of the possibility of an avalanche. Rooted in symbiotic guilt, personal secrets and lies, shame, and undeservability, it comes out of the blue. Lazaris explains the nature of self-sabotage and provides a seven-step process to prevent it. Included is the Golden Blanket Meditation for protection, in which the Old One also takes away the elements that create an environment conducive to self-sabotage. Techniques include one for lifting up and out of the body, breaking the chain of depression, and surrendering to miracles and to love. A wonderful recording to listen to in the midst of self-sabotage -- and powerful preventive medicine. 2 1/2 to 3 hours…

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    Meditation: Golden Blanket Meditation

    Keywords: self-hatred, depression, symbiotic guilt, undeservability

    Price: $24.95

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