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  • Ending Self-Punishment

    Product #442


    Self-Punishment at its core is almost always an attempt to avoid being punished by others. Through the haze of projection and identification that makes all others seem to be either a parent or a child, we become trapped in a downward spiral of seeking approval and outside validation that often leads to addiction to excesses in many forms. It is complicated by the attempts of society and the religious/metaphysical community to nobilize struggle, suffering and sacrifice -- and by a lack of knowledge of negative ego that leaves us vulnerable to its attempts to hurt us. Lazaris' crystal clear explanation of why we punish ourselves and the forms that punishment takes is followed by a seven-step process that involves knowing your enemies and friends (including your Higher Self and Counselors), the monitoring of motivation and impact, and a wonderful meditation to end our own self-punishment. Between 2-1/2 and 3 hours...

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    Meditation: Meditation for Ending Self-Punishment

    Keywords: Self-Punishment, Negative Ego, Struggle, Nobility, Addiction, Projection / Identification, Seeking Outside Validation, Fear, Motivation

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