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  • Legacy PPV Lemuria Revisited: Illuminating Lemurian Nights, Congress of Magicians, and Calling the Lemurian Dreamers and Sages, A Gathering of Magicians

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    9026 Lemuria Revisited
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    Keywords: Lemuria, Revisited, Lemurian Nights, Congress of Magicians, Dreamers, Dream Weavers

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    Lemuria Revisited: Illuminating Lemurian Nights, Congress of Magicians

    As you seek the magic and mystery of freedom, Lemuria can be your bridge to being free and becoming freer, your bridge to the adventure of living and loving life rich with intimacy, caring, and healing. It can be your bridge to the endless discovery of who you really are and to who you are becoming. It is your bridge Coming Home. You hear the music; you hear its call. Revisit Lemuria. Illuminate its Nights and the night within you. Enter the mists: Being free is at hand. — Lazaris

    Lemuria — the Land That Imagination Forgot – is intricately woven and intimately embedded in the very fabric of our being. Remembered or not yet remembered, it is a part of each of us. It is a part of our spiritual heritage and part of our tradition as Mapmakers, as Magicians, and as Dreamers and Dream Weavers.

    Embraced in the mists of the Lemurian Nights, engulfed in the sacred magic of revisiting and remembering, we can actively give and receive, awaken innocence and wisdom, and utilize grander love and greater caring. We can come face to face with our dignity and our phenomenal capacity to love. We can come face to face with the miracles with which to manifest our visions and dreams and to move beyond them to create new visions and new dreams. Emerging from the mist, we can love, we can care, and we can be free as never before.

    Entering the mists of Lemurian Nights, we can awaken new dimensions of loving, of caring, and of healing. We can awaken new depths of magic. We can revisit and reunite with what we have lost of ourselves, of our power, and of our magic. With awe and majesty, we can more richly create, manifest, and augment our freedom — being free and becoming freer. With awe and majesty, we can change our world. We are magicians. It is time to love, to heal, to dream, and to work magic. It is time to renew our vigor and enthusiasm and our innocence and wisdom. During this Congress of Magicians — not a time of new technique but a time of remembering and reuniting — we can remember Lemuria, and we can each bring a "piece of Lemuria" back with us. Lazaris, with his insight, love, wisdom, and magic, will work with our vigor and enthusiasm, and he will work with our innocence and wisdom.

    Together with Lazaris we can raise the resonance of Lemurian Nights. We can enter and embrace The Mists of Magic within those Nights. We can find the Night within Us. Lazaris will work with each of us, and together we can restore and renew our power and the magic that we lost or left in Lemuria. We can find what we lost of ourselves in the Lemurian Nights. Through it all, we will discover for the first time or we will reunite once again with the poignant and beautiful essence of Lemuria, with what it truly means to us, and with how its mystery and mysticism can work magic in our current reality and in our present world.

    Come. Join Lazaris for this special Congress of Magicians to explore and to expand the wonder and magic found in the Lemurian Nights. The magic never ends and the love never ceases.

    Calling the Lemurian Dreamers and Sages, A Gathering of Magicians

    As with other Gatherings of Magicians, this Thursday evening in Maui will not be the usual workshop evening. There will be no discussions or explorations of techniques; instead it will be an unusually poignant crystal grid meditation: a sacred time of loving … more loving that can stand alone and that stands as a prelude to the phenomenal Congress of Magicians:Lemuria Revisited, Illuminating Lemurian Nights.

    Each of us can bring our bounty, and we can bask in the radiant resonance of this amazing evening for working magic with Lazaris and with other masterful magicians. We can Call the Ancients — the Lemurian Dreamers and Sages. We can take our place, standing among the Ancients. And amid the magic, we can touch … we can be touched … by a grander love. Welcome.


    Videography by Andrew William & Terry Clancy
    Audio Supervision & Recording by Terry Clancy and Andrew William

    Music used in this release:
    "Inocente" from the recording Love Moods © 2002 Authenticity LLC www.FastIdeas.Biz published by Music From Now On (ASCAP), CD available, All rights reserved.

    "Continuity" & "My Silent Knowing" written and performed by Liquid Mind from the recording Liquid Mind V: Serenity. All rights reserved. © 2001 Gold Masque Music (ASCAP)/Real Music

    "Transcendence" from Invocation by Maria Danly

    "Lucid Living" by Leza Danly

    "Emotion and Peace", "Safe Place 2", and "Celebration" from Lemurian Music for Lazaris by Dietrich von Oppeln 

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