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9373 Lazaris Responds to Questions from the Community Part 3


Legacy PPV Lazaris Responds to Questions from the Community, Part 3 ~ Los Angeles, July 2022

Product #9373

9373 Lazaris Responds to Questions from the Community Part 3
46 Day Access

Price: $50.00


These sessions of responding to questions that people have sent in, to the ideas that people would like us to talk about are always a unique sort of pleasure and joy. We can respond to an individual’s question, but in doing so, we are also responding to you. Maybe you didn’t ask a question, but in our response, we are not only talking to those that posed questions, we are talking to you who are listening to the response. ~ Lazaris


Once again we invited you to send in your questions, and in this third PPV of the Questions from the Community series, a delightful conversation unfolds that covers so much of what is happening in our current world.

Of all the submitted questions, one was asked more than any other: How do we create more intimacy with Lazaris outside of workshops? Lazaris answers with tenderness, caring and beautiful depth.


Some of the topics covered in this PPV are:

– Understanding the polarization in the world and the purpose of the current divide

– Seeing beyond the current phase of destruction

– The importance of engaging diversity

– The importance of letting ways of being crumble

– The power of the Between

– Dialoguing without dogma

– Creating receptors to perceive the new world

Welcome to another beautiful time with Lazaris … to what can be a healing experience filled with Lazaris’ love, wisdom and understanding.

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