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Shop : Workshops : Legacy PPV : 9347 Lazaris Responds to Questions from the Community Part 2

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9347 Lazaris Responds to Questions from the Community Part 2


Legacy PPV Lazaris Responds to Questions from the Community, Part 2 ~ Los Angeles, November 2018

Product #9347

9347 Questions from the Community Part 2
45 Day Access

Keywords: Current Events, Evolution, Pansexuality, Longevity

Price: $50.00


Dear Friends,

We invited you to send in your questions for Lazaris so that we could create a PPV where Lazaris responds. We received so many questions and Lazaris had so much fun answering that we knew we would need to create a series.

This is the second PPV in the series. And like the first, it is an extraordinarily intimate and enchanting time, rich with Lazaris’ love, wisdom, and humor. Some of the topics covered in this enthralling and special time are:

– The Evolution of Humankind. Lazaris once said that the human spiritual evolution would have more impact on the world than when man first stood up. He elaborates more in this fascinating discussion of the unfolding.

– A deeper understanding of the polarization in America

– Pansexuality and Gender Identity

– More on South Africa as we prepare to host our first-ever events there

– The impact of chauvinism on both men and women in our world

– How rapidly changing technology can be beneficial to longevity and health

Come, experience for yourself Lazaris’ wisdom, laughter, and most of all, love.

Download a printable PDF with the list of questions and when they are asked.

Production Credits:

Interviewer – Alisonn Rose

Video Production – Eric Belluche

Sound Engineer – Darren Nelsen & John Brinkman

Sound Post Production – Eric Belluche

Video Editing – Eric Belluche

Graphic Design – Margie Deeb

Proofing/Testing – Alix Jamieson

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