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9343 Forces of Alchemy


Legacy PPV: Weekend Congress of Magicians: Conjuring the Incredible Forces of Alchemy: Bringing Dreams into Manifestation

Product #9343

9343 Forces of Alchemy
45 Day Access

Keywords: Dreams, Visions, Manifestation

Price: $175.00


*Please note that this Legacy PPV includes the Friday evening event, Gathering of Magicians: Rousing Optimal Futures to Create Success

Your journey is reaching new levels and opening to new dimensions of magic and to new octaves of what it is possible to dream, of what it is possible to create and manifest, in your reality and in the world. You are ready to reach beyond your current work of this lifetime to more fully and more dynamically participate in something more — something more than you can yet imagine and something more than you can yet dream. — Lazaris

The possibilities are immense. New creations can abound, and the changes in us and in our world can be monumental.

This is a particularly exciting Congress because a group of magicians from around the world gathered in Los Angeles to share their dreams. Together with Lazaris, we will engage in several powerful workings of magic to lift our current dreams, from the ordinary and even from the extraordinary, to reveal sublime dreams — to reveal dreams that are flawlessly elegant and excellent in their creation. We can bring our current dreams into manifestation, and we can initiate new dreams — dreams that are more majestic and magnificent than we can yet imagine — causing them to be and setting them in motion.

As we reach for new levels and dimensions of our magic, we will conjure the incredible forces of an ancient magic: Alchemy, the mystery of transmuting and transforming the lesser into the more, is a rare magic that for centuries has been cloaked in mystery and shrouded in secrets. It is also the magic that has been subtly woven throughout so many of the magical workings we have experienced with Lazaris. It is an astounding magic that cannot be accurately or fully taught, but it can be elegantly and profoundly experienced.

With Lazaris at our side, we will gather these subtle threads of alchemy to weave a vortex of incredible forces. In the resonance of these mystical forces, we will work with Dream Tempering to expose and reveal the secrets hidden in our current dreams. Culling and condensing the raw energies discovered, we will have the fodder and fuel for Transmuting Creation into Manifestation and for Transforming the Ordinary into the Extraordinary. Somewhere in the mix, with a touch of love from Lazaris and from our Higher Self, something special, something magical, something that defies description can happen.

New possibilities and new dreams and visions can be set in motion. The changes in us and in our world can be monumental. Certainly they can be beyond what we can yet imagine. Yes, this Congress coming in the middle of February is particularly exciting.

Come join the other magicians who will be gathering.come be with Lazaris for another magnificent weekend.

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