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9341 Light of Gratitude


Legacy PPV Waiting upon the Light of Gratitude, One-Day Workshop, Oct 2014

Product #9341

9341 Light of Gratitude
45 Day Access

Keywords: Gratitude, Healing, Great Work

Price: $125.00


Between and beyond the voices of gratitude, within its august mystery, there are whispers, so soft, so delicate, so fragile, and yet so powerful and profound. In the realm of those whispers, God/Goddess/All That Is waits to reveal more of you. The genius and the brilliance of gratitude also wait to unfold and blossom, to blossom in you and to blossom in the world.   Come with us into the between and beyond. . . . Enter the realm of whispers. Welcome.  -Lazaris

The sun was low in the western sky; the shadows, long to the east. One by one, the magicians entered the meadow. They stood tall in silence amid the grain that quietly danced in the late afternoon breeze. Gentle. Sweet. Their hearts overflowed with gratitude for the bounty of their lives and for the bounties of their love. Each knew the powers, the wonders, and the magic of gratitude. Each also knew there was more, more to the mystery and to the majesty of gratitude. There was something amazing, something grand beyond the voices. Each had heard the whispers. Each stood in the stillness of this moment.

Each stood waiting upon the light. And then . . . a revelation, a brilliance, an ending and a new beginning, fulfillment. There are seven distinct voices of gratitude. There are spoken and unspoken powers, and, yes, there are the wonders of gratitude as well. Having laid a foundation and having worked and lived with gratitude — and after having consciously or otherwise explored our rapport and relationship with it — we are ready to move beyond the words and beyond the voices, the powers, and the wonders. We have experienced the magic, and we are ready to embrace theTranscendence of Gratitude. Waiting upon the Light of Gratitude: When we wait upon the Light of Gratitude, we change, our reality changes, and we can change the world. In its Light, our perspective expands and our capacities to dream, to know, and to vision also expand in reach, in scope, in meaning, and, most importantly, in value and in power. Our magic is emboldened when we touch and are touched by that light, and our creations and manifestations are aligned, empowered, and brightened. Creation can flow into manifestation with elegance and aplomb, and it can become brilliant in the Light of Gratitude.We are ready to enter the liminal, to enter the between, of gratitude and to find that force from beyond space-time – that force that defies full description or comprehension — that is the Light of Gratitude.More than feeling grateful, we need to learn to wait, to wait upon that Light. Once we touch and are touched by it, we can lift beyond feeling and beyond acting upon our gratitude. We can open to the state of mind and to that mystical state of being of becoming a grateful person – of being a graciously grateful person alive in our magic and living our Great Work with brilliance. Accompanying the exploration will be incredible meditations and meditative rituals such as: Listening to the Whispers of Gratitude, Awash in the Light, andBecoming and Being the Light of Gratitude.

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