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9339 Beauty of Bali Week 2


Legacy PPV Bali Week 2: The Beauty of Bali: Lost in the Allure of Remembering Your Ancestry, June 2015

Product #9339

9339 Beauty of Bali Week 2
45 Day Access

Keywords: Bali, Remembering, Beauty, Oneness

Price: $325.00


Concept: Synergy is pleased to offer Lazaris’ Pay-per-View of of the events of week 2 in Bali in May 2015, THE BEAUTY OF BALI: Lost in the Allure of Remembering Your Ancestry.

Beauty blossoms and flourishes as a gracious gift of God/Goddess/All That Is‚ a gift with the sole purpose of enhancing the quality of human existence. Look for beauty; be beautiful. ~ Lazaris

We heard the call and we came to experience the beauty of Bali. The beauty was rich inciting the mystery of joy and peace simultaneously and the vulnerability of majesty and its wonder and awe in a timeless fashion. Now you can join Lazaris and the rest of us to experience the mystery and magic of Bali’s beauty through this PPV event.

As the beauty unfolded during our week, it did grab us, lift us, and we dared to embrace it. We dared to be changed, forever changed, by beauty. Yes, in Bali this week, we began a metamorphic like process of changing that is more than becoming better, that is changing to become new. Not just a better person, a new kind of person.

Lazaris speaks of Bali as a land of the gods and goddesses that is from “the between of worlds. ” It is pivotal just as we are pivotal to the world becoming new. As we explored the beauty and as we discovered our beauty, we also came to Bali to discover the mystery of remembering, a mystery overflowing with magic and with power. After a brief review of what we already knew of beauty, in words and in experience, we embraced its more. Beauty creates beauty. It enchants. It inspires, encourages, and energizes. Beauty motivates, reveals and it resolves the paradoxes. Beauty is eternal. Beauty allows “the One to shine through the many” — the Oneness and the awe of Oneness essential to responding to our Covenant with God/Goddess/All That is and critical to Coming Home.

Join Lazaris as he guides us through the magic of four powerful Rituals of Remembering: The Spinning Night Mirror, Opening Clio‚ Gate, Daring the Gates of the Forgotten, and Awakening the Essences‚ of Beauty and Remembering.

Add to the mix, two astounding meditations: Cosmic Healing and Awakening the Essence of Beauty, three lively discussions: Memory, the Muse, and Remembering, Bounty of Beauty and the Talisman, andPreparing Moments for Remembering, and many amazing excursions to touch the beauty of the land and of the people of Bali. A stunning week. It can be your stunning week.

This was a life-changing week. A defining moment that changed each of us. Welcome to the Beauty of Bali.

Note: Lazaris and Jach created a Talisman especially to work with the magic of this event. You can purchase it here.

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