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9336 Light of Forgiveness


Legacy PPV: Waiting Upon the Light of Forgiveness, One Day Workshop, Berlin, Germany - June 23, 2013

Product #9336

9336 Light of Forgiveness
45 Day Access

Keywords: Germany, Forgiveness, Healing, Miracles, Who you are not

Price: $125.00


In the Light of Forgiveness your imagination soars, and your hopes and dreams become luminous. You can lift transcendent, and be new. You can become more of who you truly are — of who you are destined to be. It is forgiveness that holds the miracles of magic. Forgiveness heals, and it can set you free.come. Bask in the Light. Change. Be new. Be more. — Lazaris

They moved silently among the ancient, twisted trees of the Sacred Grove. The magicians gathered in the stillness of the night. The moon was full. They stood the round. Once the circle was complete, they spoke, voicing their desires in a whispered chant. Several came to forgive themselves, and some came to forgive others. Sounds lifted, silence fell, and the dance of ritual was underway. Mystery unfolded, exposing and revealing a light. The magicians waited upon that light. Their lives changed that night.

Somewhere in the mystery between forgiving ourselves and forgiving others, there is an incredible force that produces change . . . change that can be creative and that can lift and reach to become innovative. Somewhere in that mystical between, there is an incredible light that can generate miracles.

The Light of Forgiveness exposes and reveals. It brightens and embellishes. The Light of Forgiveness nurtures, nourishes, and heals.

Our magic can come alive with that Light, and our magic can change, becoming miraculous. In the revelation of the Light of Forgiveness, we can come alive, vibrant and ripe with miracles. Our imaginations can soar and our creativity can flourish. There is so much more happiness and joy, so much more love and laughter, and so much more magic sparkling with miracles waiting for us in the Light of Forgiveness.

Lazaris has designed a delightful One-Day Workshop that begins by quickly reviewing what we understand and know of the value and power of forgiveness. Then we will be off on a splendidly wild and wonderful adventure, robust with ritual, to unleash those forces for our personal benefit and to bring more healing, more magic, and more miracles into the world.

Come join the other magicians who gather with Lazaris. Take your stand and bask in the Light of Forgiveness. Be forgiven. Be changed. Be amazed.

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