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9335 Story Destined to Tell


Legacy PPV: Telling the Story You are Destined to Tell, One Day Workshop, Berlin, Germany - June 22, 2013

Product #9335

9335 Story Destined to Tell
45 Day Access

Keywords: Germany, Creativity, Destiny, Innovation, Love's Work

Price: $125.00


Within the reverie and ecstasy of creating, there is a thread, an alluring, sometimes seductive thread that calls you to your destiny. With a sound that only you can hear and a light that only you can see, that thread of your creativity beckons you: Tell the story that you are destined to tell. You are at the right place and it’s time. Lift your voice. Be heard. Tell your story. Create. Innovate. Become more as you let your world become new. — Lazaris

Chasing the reverie through the night, finding an enchanting moment as the crimson light lined the horizon of dawn, the magicians stopped. They listened. From somewhere within each of them came a whisper and then a hush. Nothing more. Each knew they had a story to tell. Yearning for more, they listened. They watched. From somewhere beyond nowhere, a sound, a light — and they found the shimmering threads from which each would weave a tale. In an exhilarating burst of creativity, something magical, something marvelous, had begun.

It is like a dream waiting to be born . . . a dream that lies just beyond the next horizon or around the next bend. We long to create. Creativity is love’s work. It is our work. As magicians we also yearn to innovate, and that takes boldness and daring. We reach for those shimmering threads that stir a mysterious and sensuous romance of living, of loving, and of creating. We grasp those glimmering threads of creativity so we can tell our tale — so we can tell the story we are destined to tell.

Lazaris has structured a personal vision quest for each of us to awaken our personal creativity and to begin weaving our tale. Magic and miracles can abound as we conjure the voices of creativity and the whispers of innovation, and as we call upon the grandmothers and grandfathers of our tradition.

Creativity is love’s work. Innovation takes daring.come. Let’s love and be bold.

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