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9331 Mapmakers Dream



As you stand upon the new threshold, poised and ready, surrender to the hush. Surrender to the quiet. Awaken your innocence. Breathe the breath of Spirit. Embrace your artistry of being, your glory of loving, and your courage. Out of this union of power, out of this confluence of power, you can emerge … you can be free.
~ Lazaris
Underlying Truth, 2000: The Year of Dominion

Lazaris has said many times that the fulcrum for any strategy for success is to pause. This blending is a beautiful opportunity to allow that pause. Together with Lazaris, you enter a divine hush with a stillness akin to a cocoon. From this space, you can allow yourself to receive not only healing, but gifts … gifts of creativity, freedom, inspiration, innocence, vitality, among others, received as seeds of healing light.

Lazaris also reminds us, self-love is the fulcrum of all love. It is the anchor for all of the expressions of your love. As you sense the beauty of your own love, you can allow your self-love to blossom.

So much can happen in the cocoon of receiving love. So much can happen in a pause.

Music Credits:
Song of Confidence, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 12 [CD]

Into The Night, Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 3 [CD]

Legacy PPV The Mapmaker's Dream: Birthing a New World, Culminating Weekend ~ November 2018, Los Angeles

Product #9331

9331 Mapmakers Dream
45 Day Access

Keywords: Pain, Dream, New World

Price: $175.00


You’ve been at pinnacles before but none as important as this. ~ Lazaris

It was never meant to be this painful. How often Lazaris has spoken the words, and gently reminded us that although pain is a necessary teacher, we do not have to be constricted by or at sufferance of it.

In the PPV of this culminating event, Lazaris once again delves into the tender subject matter of pain with a particular focus on not only healing, but also transcending pain so that we may do what we are destined to do: consciously build and awaken our individual Mapmaker’s Dream. The Mapmaker’s Dream is not something new to be created, but something already within each of us waiting to be awakened. With Lazaris’ guidance, we can extract what we are contributing to specific pain in the world to break the resonance, to move beyond (not eliminate) our pain in order to create a world where there is not more pain than there was supposed to be.

During the necessary and important phase of destruction our world is currently in, Lazaris explains that it is also time for us to create and build. It is time to create something new, something beautiful. It is time to weave ourselves more beautiful,and it is time to wake up our own, distinctive, unique Mapmaker’s Dream.

Lazaris lays out ways to become conscious to unconscious patterns, and guides us on how to step outside of our habits, both beautiful and ugly, in order to let more of who we are not fall away. In this, you can be off-center to let ourselves find a new center, a new balance, a new anchor.

It was never meant to be this painful. Each of us can be free from the pain that constricts and binds, and we can be free to create maps both for ourselves and for those in the world still in the trap of pain.

Welcome to a transcendent event.

Download a printable PDF of the sessions list for this event

Download a printable PDF of the process, To Awaken Your Mapmaker’s Dream

Production Credits:

Video Production – Eric Belluche

Sound Engineering – Darren Nelsen & John Brinkman

Sound Post Production – Eric Belluche

Video Editing – Eric Belluche

Graphic Design – Margie Deeb

Proofing/Testing – Alix Jamieson

Music Credits:

Safe Place, by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Lemuria 2 [CD]

Knowing You by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 5 [CD]

Peace Be With You by Dietrich von Oppeln,Music for Lazaris 6 [CD]

Deeper, and Come by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 9 [CD]

Somewhere in Between, by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 11 [CD]

Defining Moments by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 12 [CD]

Beyond Our World, and Peace to the World by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 13 [CD]

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