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9225 Remembering Your Soul


Legacy PPV Remembering Your Soul, The Face of The Double

Product #9225

9225 Remembering Your Soul
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Remembering Your Soul: The Face of the Double

In the recesses of your Soul, beyond the several faces, beyond the personified whole, there is a hush, a quiet more still than silence. It is there, beyond all seeing and hearing, that your dreams and visions are born. It is there that all your emptiness can be filled. It is there that wonder waits to open your heart and mind to the profound truths of your goodness and beauty. And to the majestic glory of your love and caring.~ Lazaris , Underlying Truth of 1996, the Year of Wonder

Here is a printable PDF of the Session List for this PPV event:

Lazaris has described the world as in a state of failure and in a phase of destruction within the process of creation, maintenance and destruction. The old forms, old structures and old institutions are being cleared away to make way for the new … for the New World. Lazaris also suggests that you too are clearing away the debris, the old forms, the old ways of being, to make way to re-form yourself and create a new way of being — a new kind of human being. Precisely because of this, Lazaris has created a moment where you can more fully remember your Soul, be nurtured by your Soul, be loved and be in love with your Soul. Lazaris says that it is important, perhaps critical, in this state of personal and worldly destruction, in this Year of Valuation to remember Soul, to work with the valuation of Soul and particularly and specifically the Soul’s Face of the Double.

In this immensely powerful and beautifully intense half-day experience, you are reminded of the nature and grace of the Soul — this portal, this lens through which the divine is experienced. Your Soul’s resonance is so powerful it comes to you in pieces. In this experience you can understand each of these pieces or Faces of the Soul that hold our destiny more clearly. You are also reminded that our Soul’s agenda is your growth, your changing, your evolving and achieving — the essence of success versus its trappings.

A particular emphasis in this beautiful "moment" with Lazaris is placed on the Face of the Double as it lines up with where many of you are (or will be if not already) in this Year of Valuation: Evaluating your values, assessing/appraising your own worth, and re-structuring, re-directing yourself to increase your worth to self, to others and to the world. Lazaris gives us specific steps to work with the time of the Double, and highlights that as you do so your life will only get better and better.

Armed with a greater understanding of Soul and its many faces, and following a discussion of technique, you will journey on an incredible meditation ritual to remember your Soul and specifically welcome the Face of the Double. Being in a Garden that is more beautiful than you can imagine, you sit with your Soul. Through their eyes you travel beyond space and time to become more — to become who your Soul has always dreamt you to be lifetime after lifetime, and to continue to answer that question, "Who are You?"

This unparalleled experience of Remembering Soul, The Face of the Double is timely, poignant, and filled with love. Lazaris invites you to join him in this "moment" together.

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