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9203 Vortex of Creativity


Legacy PPV At Play in a Vortex of Creativity: Sparking the Magic of Enchanting Beauty ~ Tuscany, Italy, July 2014

Product #9203

9203 Vortex of Creativity
45 Day Access

Keywords: Tuscany, Italy, creativity, enchanting beauty, magic, resonance

Price: $325.00


At Play in a Vortex of Creativity: Sparking the Magic of Enchanting Beauty

It’s time to unleash the enchantment . . . It’s time to set something new and something more in motion. ~ Lazaris

Those are the words that Lazaris used on Saturday morning to set the workshop portion of the Tuscany Adventure in motion. After three days in Florence, we all headed out to the Tuscan countryside. Amid the lush green of the mountains and the soft green of the valleys, we all understood and were ready to "spark the magic of enchanted beauty. " We invite you to come along and to participate in this amazing journey to explore, to discover, and to unleash our magic in this vortex of creativity.

Against the backdrop of the current turbulence and uncertainty in the world, Lazaris spoke of the avenues along which gratitude flows and about how the current unrest is a violent expression of the contracting avenues. As we work with beauty in the incredible resonance of Tuscany, however, we can work to open the expansive avenues. Creativity is Love’s work. Beauty is beautiful; it’s also powerful.

Together as masterful magicians and with creativity and beauty combined, miracles can happen. And together, we did set something new and something more in motion — in motion in ourselves, in each other, and in the world. As you participate with us through this Pay-per-View event, you can create that something new and more in you.

A beautiful Lazaris Blending was followed by an equally beautiful meditation, Chasing the Reverie of Beauty. As this PPV event unfolds, you can "be there" with all of us during the discussions and the touching and moving Magic Times. You can engage the "more real" through the series of meditations and meditation-rituals: Entering the Vortex of Creativity, Aligning and Lifting Your Creativity, Ready To Be New, and The Magic of Change.

A note from Jach:

“Even though I was only sitting in the room, I was drenched in the resonance of this seminar, and I knew something truly wonderful was happening. I could feel it in the energy of the magicians in the room; I could see it on their faces and in their eyes. Amazing. I felt honored to be there in the presence and grace of At Play in the Vortex of Creativity, Sparking the Magic of Enchanted Beauty. We did that and more. “

Come. Be a part of the magic; be a part of something more.

PDF sessions list:

Production Credits:

Videography by Andrew William and Terry Clancy

Audio Supervision & Recording by Terry Clancy and Andrew William

Music Credits:

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Charms Sing and Community, by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 8

Caring, Benign, Beyond, Deep, and Come, by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 9

Being with Friends and At the Bonfire with Friends, by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 10

“My Silent Knowing” and “Teach Me to Whisper,” written and performed by Liquid Mind
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