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9198 A Magical Week in Berchtesgaden


Legacy PPV A Magical Week in Berchtesgaden: From Essence to Function and Form, Revelations of Innovation, June 2013

Product #9198

9198 A Magical Week in Berchtesgaden
45 Day Access

Keywords: Germany, Paradox, Vortex of Empowerment, Forgiveness

Price: $325.00


Within the reverie and ecstasy of creating, there is a thread, an alluring, sometimes seductive, thread. . . . With a sound that only you can hear and a light that only you can see, that thread of your creativity beckons you. — Lazaris

The beauty is captivating. The enchantment is never-ceasing. Yet, amid the charm, there is a residue of shame and pain associated with the region. Berchtesgaden was the summer home for Hitler and several Nazi leaders. Besides Berlin, it was the center for Nazi operations leading to and during the Second World War.

The paradox is obvious: Beauty and Violence, Healing and Destruction. Why were we here? It quickly became obvious with Lazaris’ welcoming comments Friday evening. There are two powerful vortices in Berchtesgaden. There is a Vortex of Empowerment and a Vortex of Healing. We had come to take from each of these wellsprings, and we came to give to each other and to give to the region. As Lazaris says, he came to be with us, and we came to be with each other.

Seventy magicians gathered to work incredible magic for the land, for Germany, and for the German people. In turn, 70 magicians gathered to become more and to allow the world to become new. Throughout it all, a profound focus on thePower of Story and on the magic of forgiveness through powerful discussions and magical meditations/rituals: a Morning with Lazaris focused on forgiveness: The Process of Forgiveness; The Stages of Forgiveness; The Secrets of Forgiveness; and the Light of Forgiveness. *

During the seminar we visited Lake Königssee with its enchanted woodlands. We also went to Eagle’s Nest (the lodge that was a gift to Hitler from his generals). While many expected to experience a negative or depressing resonance, most were delightfully surprised by the beauty and majesty of the place. We placed tumbled stones and worked healing magic. Our week in Berchtesgaden concluded with an exceptional meditation/ritual, Awakening the Guardian and the Keeper of Forgiveness. Stunning!

You can be a part of this mystical adventure in the Bavarian Alps. It was life-changing.

The Pay-per-View event includes the full workshop times with Lazaris, and there is a photo montage to give you a flavor of Berchtesgaden. Welcome.

* These meditations/rituals along with the core content of the discussions were also included in A Magical Week in Berlin. Because the participants and the resonance were different in each location, the emphasis was different each week.

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