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9194 Death and Dying


Legacy PPV Lazaris Explores a Beautiful Ritual of Soul: Death and Dying: A Collection of One-On-One Magic Times from Intensives and Interludes

Product #9194

9194 Death and Dying
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Keywords: Death, Dying, Celebration of Life, Love

Price: $125.00


Death is an integral part of life. Death is an eternal mystery. In its way, it gives meaning and significance to life . . . it gives meaning and significance to the well-lived life. ~ Lazaris

This is a unique PPV. There has been nothing like this released before, and it is both timely and timeless. Through the gracious generosity of those who have dealt with issues surrounding death and dying and vulnerably spoken in Magic Time about it, it is an honor to experience such personal and tender moments between each person and Lazaris. In listening and watching, it is an intimate opportunity to work with not only physical death, but also the emotional, mental and spiritual deaths that occur as we grow and change.

Three segments were created for this event: Dealing with the Immediacy of Death, Understanding Death at a Deeper Level, and Death as a Celebration of Life and a Gift, and each one offers a powerful and poignant glimpse into the mystery of death.

Jach provides us with a special introduction to these three beautiful segments of past magic times, which have occurred over the last decade, and describes the impact of watching and listening to these sessions.

The magic of the entire experience is amplified and deepened in a blending Lazaris has created especially for this PPV. In co-creation with your soul and Lazaris, your pain can be transmuted and transformed into love: a love to release and heal, a love to awaken the new in you and of you, and a love to chart the uncharted and co-create your new world and the new world. As you awaken the energies of co-creation, you can flow love out of pain and life out of death and dying.

Welcome to a profoundly healing time with Lazaris on the beautiful and sacred ritual of Soul: Death and Dying.

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