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9189 Embracing Our Truer Self


Legacy PPV Embracing the Wholeness of Our Truer Self: The Lost Secrets and the Forgotten Art of Remembering, Intensive ~ Los Angeles, February 2015

Product #9189

9189 Embracing Our Truer Self
45 Day Access

Keywords: Truer Self, Remembering, Vision Quest

Price: $275.00


You are amazing; you are astounding. No matter how bad it gets, no matter how good it becomes, you always seek and search for love. No matter how obscured, encumbered or entangled your quest becomes, it never ends. No matter how lost you appear, you keep searching to be found. That is your nature. Rich with dignity and presence . . . That is your Truer Self. ~ Lazaris

Our Truer Self already lives the richer life that is plump and juicy with magic and miracles. The conflicts that we still anticipate and fear are past incidents from which our Truer Self retrieved the gifts and then overcame to rise above and beyond, to become more. Our hopes are their achievements. Our dreams and visions are their reality and fast becoming their springboards for bolder and more daring dreams‚ unprecedented dreams that are also above and beyond.

When we are touched by our Truer Self, even for a moment, hope brightens, charms sing, creativity flourishes, and we are awash with gratitude. Even for a moment, we know who we are. We can challenge the limits of our beliefs and the boundaries of our imagination. We can be free of the constraints of our trust, and our love can blossom as never before.

Embracing the wholeness of our Truer Self is something very different. When we are willing, when we dare, to embrace the wholeness, something amazing, something astounding, happens. Amid the flurry and the wonder, we can awaken a new passion for living our lives and for expanding our spirituality, and we can awaken a new zeal and a refreshing zest for working our magic. We can design new pathways to more meaningful intimacy with our Higher Selves, and to more valuable rapport with our Souls and Spirits.

More than being touched, when we fully embrace the wholeness of our Truer Self, we can know more of God/Goddess/All That Is. God and Goddess can participate more fully in our magic and in the miracles of our magical workings. God and Goddess can participate more lovingly in our daily lives, and our lives can become rich with greater success and happiness and with a deeper love. We can discover more of what it means to be partners‚ dynamic and active partners with God and Goddess.

The key to this embrace, the key to our magic surpassing and superseding itself‚ to us surpassing and superseding ourselves: Remembering.

The Mystery and the Magic of Remembering are about becoming whole. Certainly remembering begins with memory. Beyond the consensus, it reaches into the Mystery of the Archetypes, the Memory of the Universe, and the Memory of God/Goddess/All That Is.

Lazaris has created a new intensive sweeping in its scope and beauty. He has created a Vision Quest expansive in its potential and opportunity. With Lazaris at our side, we can uncover our Lost Secrets of Remembering, and we can discover the Forgotten Art of Remembering. Along with discussions and techniques, our quest will include meditative rituals such as The Allure of Remembering, Secrets of Mnemosyne, Unraveling with the Weaver Woman, and Illuminations of God/Goddess/All That Is.

We can awaken the wholeness of our Truer Self. We can love beyond fear. Remembering can come alive.

Welcome. Won’t you join us?

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