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9188 Magic in DC Week 2


Legacy PPV Awakening Luminous Magic in Washington, D.C. - 2016, Week 2

Product #9188

9188 Magic in DC Week 2
45 Day Access

Keywords: Washington DC, 2016 Election, Crises, Luminous Hope

Price: $375.00


It’s time to lift your voice to be heard in the world. In the depths of mystery, you can find your personal greatness and you are changing the world. ~ Lazaris

Amid the crises all around us and the chaos of an election year, we can enter the Between of the mysteries of those crises and the uncertainty of that chaos to create something special that is beyond the reach of our imaginations. As we awaken our greatness, we can tap the genius of the Founding Fathers and the visions of several of the outstanding Presidents. We can also call upon the lost dreams and the dormant hopes of the forgotten. With a Touch of Greatness, and with the Light of Luminous Hope, two powerful voices of Co-Creation Magic, we can awaken and illuminate magic in Washington, D. C. and in the 2016 National Election. We can awaken luminous magic in the world.

Lazaris invites us to participate in two week-long workings of magic in advance of perhaps the most important national election of our lifetimes. Reaching beyond our political affiliations and personal political dreams, reaching into the Between and its mysteries, we can lift our voices to create something great, something that just might be phenomenal — unfathomable to us in this moment.

It’s time to lift our voices. Lazaris invites us to lift them together. Welcome.

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A note about this event from Jach, written in 2016:

Dear Magicians,

The 2016 Elections are less than a month away now. This has been one of the craziest election years yet and the many voices across the consensus reality spectrum are in a frenzy of chaos and uncertainty. Lazaris’ comments back in May seem more real than ever now:

“Upcoming is a defining time, defining the twists and turns in the uncharted futures, defining the future of this nation and its people, defining futures of nations of the world, and defining the courses of a world that is becoming new. The world will be new. That is now a given. The path taken is waiting to be defined. The world is waiting for you to lift your voice and to work your magic. ” (Lazaris, May 2016)

Who we elect, though that is critically important, will not solely create those defining moments. The path taken will be defined by how we work our magic. It truly is our time to raise our voices to be heard. It is time for us — you and me — to infuse the chaos and uncertainty with our magic. A new resonance can emerge.

We are going to offer a rebroadcast of the Washington D. C. event so that we can enhance the awakening of magic in Washington, D. C. and in our country, perhaps in the world.

I hope you join us.

Much love,


Production Credits:
Video & Audio Production – Terry Clancy
Video Editing – Eric Belluche
Graphic Design – Margie Deeb

Contributing Photographers:
Eric Belluche
Barbara Eder
Glenn Lehrer
Jach Pursel
Bret Simister
Denise Clements
Shirley Belluche

Music Credits:
Slow World, Chuck Wild, Slow World
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Heaven’s Window, Peter Kater, Element Series: Etheria

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