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9169 Reverie of Beauty


Legacy PPV Chasing the Reverie of Beauty: Touching the Eternal, Touched by the Divine ~ Los Angeles, April 2014

Product #9169

9169 Reverie of Beauty
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Keywords: beauty, God/Goddess/All That is, divine, higher self, soul, reverie

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Chasing the Reverie of Beauty: Touching the Eternal, Touched by the Divine

A Lazaris Intensive

Beauty blossoms and flourishes as a gracious gift of God/Goddess/All That Is . . . a gift with the sole purpose of enhancing the quality of human existence. Look for beauty; be beautiful. ~ Lazaris

They had traveled through the still of the night, chasing a scent, a subtle but intoxicating scent that had seemed to call them out of the ordinary of their lives. Without warning, a majestic hush suspended each of them in an endless moment of reverie. They waited breathlessly and expectantly. Then it happened: the night began to glow — radiant, wondrous, mysterious. Beauty blossomed and, with elegance and grace, it released a myriad of sparkling lights dazzling with rainbows. Beauty lifted and filled the heavens. Each magician stepped out of the shadows of themselves and danced in the Galaxy of Beauty. Each magician became more that night and forever more became new.

What could we do with a beauty that is so pure that it seems to shimmer? What peace could we know – and what confidence could we build – with a beauty-filled magic that delivers our hopes and dreams, that delivers bold dreams and visions in accordance with our Higher Self’s and our Soul’s design and direction? What joy could we experience when our magic is touched by the Divine? What currently may seem like the “stuff of fantasies and whispered dreams” can become our “stuff” of destiny and our “stuff” of magic for superseding and surpassing in loving and living our lives, for living loud and loving loud with gratitude.

Lazaris offers us the opportunity to chase the reverie of beauty. With gratitude and beauty, our magic can lift out of the ordinary. Becoming extraordinary, our magic can begin to expand with delightful surprises, not yet anticipated or imagined, and it can deepen to yield unprecedented success and unparalleled elegance.

We know what beauty is, and we experience it in others, in ourselves, and in our magic. We have embraced beauty, and some among us have been embraced by it. We are beginning to understand, even to experience, what Lazaris says: “Beauty is a demanding lover. ” We are ready, and it’s time to chase the reverie and to be as if lost in beauty and in our private beauty. There we can find the gifts and treasures of the eternal and of the Divine. There we can become forever new, and we can change the world.

Lazaris will be there with us as we become lost in an endless moment of reverie. He and our Higher Selves and our Unseen Friends will be there with discussions, Magic Times, and enriching meditation rituals such as: Stepping Out of the Shadows of Self, Dancing in the Galaxy of Beauty, and Cloaked in Majesty.

Come and work magic with other Masterful Magicians and Lazaris, and, together, let’s chase the reverie to touch and be touched — to be beautiful. Welcome.

The Wonder of Gratitude: Enriching the Bounty of Your Magic,

An Evening with Lazaris

Gratitude inspires new dreams and visions, lofty dreams and visions that create new horizons with new challenges and new opportunities. ~ Lazaris

Wonder excites our Souls and Spirits, and it calls our hearts and minds to marvel. It is alluring and sometimes seductive. What of gratitude excites us and brings us to marvel? What is the allure of gratitude? In previous discussions we explored gratitude’s unspoken power, and now,  in this discussion we can plumb the depths of gratitude to reveal its wonder and to unfold the hitherto lost or abandoned treasures and gifts waiting there. We can awaken the miracles of gratitude, and our magic can become enriched and bountiful. It can come alive with elegance and grace. We can come alive as never before.

With discussion, techniques, and a mysteriously beautiful meditative ritual (Invoking the Majesty of Gratitude), Lazaris will guide us into the power and magic of gratitude. With an elegant step-by-step map, we can rejoice in the presence and grace of gratitude as we reaffirm its value. Gratitude can grow and evolve in our lives and in a world so in need of its magic and wonder. Through the Eyes of Gratitude, new creative and innovative ideas and opportunities unfurl.

This magical evening can be our next step as we enhance our rapport and embrace our relationship with gratitude.

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