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9148 Embraced by Beauty


Legacy PPV Embraced by Beauty: Revelations of the Numinous (One Day)

Product #9148

9148 Embraced by Beauty
45 Day Access

Keywords: beauty, birth of self, violence, grace of beauty

Price: $125.00


Embraced by Beauty: Revelations of the Numinous, One Day Workshop

Simultaneously, we are enraptured in joy, yet fully at peace, and we know we are touching beauty. We have come to know the sacred of beauty as well as its power and magic. We seek beauty and are eager to embrace it.

But are we courageous enough, bold enough, daring enough to let beauty embrace us? We seek it. We chase after it. But are we willing to let beauty chase and catch us? Do we even know what that means?

When we surrender to the Mystery of Beauty, beauty is demanding, and it can be imposing. Yet in the Grace of Beauty, we can discover what is honorable and noble of our being. We can awaken unrealized wisdom, intimacy, passion, and inspiration. Embraced by beauty, we can know ourselves through the Eyes of God. In a breathless moment we can know, and we can answer that timeless question: Who are you?


Videography by Andrew William and Terry Clancy
Audio Supervision & Recording by Terry Clancy and Andrew William

Music used in this release:

Velvet Morning written and performed by Liquid Mind,,”Vol. VI: Spirit,” Chuck Wild ©1996 Gold Masque Music (ASCAP), ©1996 Real Music,

Safe Place 2 by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Lemuria 2
Morning by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 4
One Sound Energy by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 7
Sacred Silence, Community, and Enchanted Land by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 8
Come and Deep by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 9

Our cancellation policy: Please note that any cancellations need to be arranged before or during the actual broadcast dates. Any cancellation requests during the broadcast time frame will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to a cancellation/transfer fee depending upon the reason for cancellation. Any potential refunds will be decided upon at the time of cancellation. Once the broadcast dates have ended, no refunds or credits will be available.

About couples or small groups wanting to participate on one computer: Each computer user will need to purchase a ticket for the Online Event with Lazaris. Enter only one ticket per computer to participate in the Online Event. Should there be additional attendees gathering for this event at your computer, please call the Concept:Synergy office and have each additional person register and pay for the event.

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