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9146 Recovering Harmony


Legacy PPV Recovering Harmony and Balance: Portals to New Dimensions of Innovation (Intensive)

Product #9146

9146 Recovering Harmony
45 Day Access

Keywords: harmony, balance, nature, God, Goddess, joy, giving, freedom, nature spirits

Price: $275.00


Recovering Harmony and Balance: Portals to New Dimensions of Innovation, Intensive 

It’s time to fall in love again. — Lazaris

The swooshing waves touched the sandy shore, soothing and inviting. The waning moon was only a sliver before being new. Each magician had been called in his or her own way. Now they stood silently. Waiting. Watching. They knew there was something out there in the dark, in the uncertain and the unknown, something from beyond their worlds. They knew without certainty that it was something important, something fascinating, something more real and more powerful than they currently knew.

Then, in an enchanted moment, eyes widened, breathing stopped, and a vortex glistened over the dark sea. A wave, a rush, then a hush. A portal opened, and each was lifted and swallowed up. Disappeared.

Then the moment ended. Each stood on the beach, smiling. They had found that “something,” and they had found it beyond the boundaries of their imaginations. The sliver of moon had moved across the night sky, and the quiet swoosh of the sea continued. The magicians turned to go home carrying their individual renditions of what they had discovered, of what had touched and changed them.common to all: They knew they would fall in love again.

It can be found in Nature among the Nature spirits. It can be found in the essence of the woman and the man in each of us. Within the embrace of God/Goddess/All That Is we can discover and reawaken it, as well. It is there, tucked away beyond our view in the unseen of chaos and of paradox.

The union of harmony and balance is a critically important and immensely powerful resonance releasing energies and forces that are unfathomable, and yet, can be harnessed. We can harness and fuse those transcendent energies and forces, and in the fusion, we can grow, change, and evolve ourselves and our world with elegance and grace.Through the Vortex of Harmony and Balance, the Power of Freedom, the Power of Action, the Power of Giving, the Power of Joy are within our grasp. Through harmony and balance we can uncover secrets, our lost or hidden secrets of innovation, and new dimensions of creativity and innovation can be ours.

This intensive comes as the waning moon approaches new — a time of new beginning, a time to begin again. Lazaris, along with Higher Self and Unseen Friends, has created a unique vision quest that begins with opening to the feminine and masculine energies within each of us.Creating an Alliance with the Man and Woman That You Are, we will make our way through a series of rituals such as Walking in Dominion, Dancing with the Moon, and Through the Eyes of Uncertainty. We will find ourselves down by the Sea of Possibility under the waning moon about to become new. Silent, we will stand Waiting upon God/Goddess/All That Is. We can be lifted and swallowed up.

Harnessing harmony and balance in new and innovative ways, we can smile and we can fall in love with the wholeness of ourselves — the woman and man within us — and with our world. We can fall in love with the enchanting futures we are creating and with the new world we are founding and welcoming.

Join the other magicians, who, like you, have heard the call. As Lazaris says, “It’s time to fall in love again. ” Welcome.

Dominion of Innovative and Enchanted Futures, Evening with Lazaris

Creating enchanted futures — futures rich with wonder, compassion, and joy — is critical to “making it” to a world becoming new. — Lazaris

The air was still just before dawn. The towering trees stood as witnesses. The magicians stood, reverent, upon their foundation of knowing, ready to leap into the uncertain and unknown, ready to slip the bonds of their fears and to enter the uncharted, the untested, of themselves. They sought what most would call impossible. Within the panoply of futures, they sought ultimate and optimal futures dazzling with hope and pulsing with enchantment. They were bold in their quest, but would they leap?

We understand that the future creates the present and lays it against the backdrop of the past. We have explored the Power of the Future and we have worked with our Future Selves. We have worked magic, changing ourselves and our world using that power and their guidance. We can stand upon our foundations of knowing, and we can leap.

Lazaris has designed a magical working in which we can enter our defined or yet-to-be-defined Domain of Innovation, and in that resonance we can garner what we need to work stunning and innovative magic to find, create, and manifest enchanted and enchanting futures — futures that, at the least, can add rich texture to our lives, and, in the more, can spark incredible, even transcendent, changes in us. Those enchanted futures can change our pasts and our histories, and they can change our present — who we are and who we are becoming.

We can create those ultimate and optimal futures that can allow us to be more responsive and more receptive to receiving the world now becoming new. Having viable and vibrant receptacles to receive and hold a world becoming new can make the difference between those who make it and those who don’t, as the new futures unfold into the new present.

It is a bold quest.come. Let’s leap together with Lazaris at our side. Welcome to an evening’s magical working and to a prelude to the three-day intensive that follows.

Videography by Andrew William & Terry Clancy
Audio Supervision & Recording by Terry Clancy and Andrew William

Music used in this release:
Into the Night, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 3
Morning, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 4
Knowing You, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 5
Peace Be With You, by Dietrich Von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 6
One Sound Energy, Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 7
Charms Sing, Community, by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music for Lazaris 8
Deep, Caring, Come by Dietrich von Oppeln, Music For Lazaris 9

Slow World written and performed by Liquid Mind,,”Slow World,” Chuck Wild,, copyright 1996 Gold Masque Music (ASCAP) copyright 1996 Real Music,

The Making of Love from the recording Love Moods: Deep Passion, copyright 2002 Authenticity, LLC
www.Fastideas. Biz, alan@MusicUniverse. net
Published by Music From Now On (ASCAP), CD available, All rights reserved.

Our cancellation policy: Please note that any cancellations need to be arranged before or during the actual broadcast dates. Any cancellation requests during the broadcast time frame will be handled on a case-by-case basis and may be subject to a cancellation/transfer fee depending upon the reason for cancellation. Any potential refunds will be decided upon at the time of cancellation. Once the broadcast dates have ended, no refunds or credits will be available.

About couples or small groups wanting to participate on one computer: Each computer user will need to purchase a ticket for the Online Event with Lazaris. Enter only one ticket per computer to participate in the Online Event. Should there be additional attendees gathering for this event at your computer, please call the Concept:Synergy office and have each additional person register and pay for the event.

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