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9144 Engaging the Muse


Legacy PPV Engaging the Muse: Illuminating Mystical Innovation, One-Day Workshop

Product #9144

9144 Engaging the Muse
45 Day Access

Keywords: Muse, Innovation, Tradition

Price: $125.00


In the mystical fields of imagination, set your fantasies free. Majestic and grand, let them fly. Let them soar. You delight the Muse when you play in the wonder and wildness of your imagination. They laugh. They play with you. They tease you and touch you with the shimmer of their gifts. In the fertile fields of imagination, creativity can blossom; innovation can flourish. – Lazaris

The magicians gathered in the gloaming of the day, during that magic hour between – between the day and the night. They gathered the kindling of their whims, wishes, and fantasies along with the timber of their dreams. In the full of darkness, they ignited their fires. In the dance of light in the night, the daughters of Mnemosyne came to tend the flame. The Muse came. They tended the fires in the hearts of magicians. Magic happened. Miracles unfurled.

Lazaris has designed two One-Day workshops, Befriending Clio: Unveiling the Mysteries of Tradition, and Engaging the Muse: Illuminating Mystical Innovation, that stand alone or that magically blend together as one. Each is a magical working that speaks to our yearnings to lift our creativity to loftier levels and to open the portals to the luster of innovation. Each responds to our insatiable longings to tell the story, to tell our story, the story we are destined to tell in this lifetime. If you’d like to view Befriending Clio: Unveiling the Mysteries of Tradition, please be sure to purchase that ticket as well.

Engaging the Muse: Illuminating Mystical Innovation, One-Day Workshop
(from Sunday, May 19th in San Francisco)

The daughters of Mnemosyne, the Muse, tend the fires of creativity, and they tend the hopes and dreams of all those who come to the fires with reverence. Beyond tradition, creativity is sparked by innocence or by the heroic one voice of love. It is propelled by the beauty of the dance: the dance of love and life, the dance of dignity and tragedy, or the dance of grace and grandeur. For some, the Muse are mentors; for others they are playful maidens, flirtatious and delightfully seductive. For still others these nine maidens tease, taunt, or cajole.

With Lazaris at our side, we can explore our rapport and discover and mature our relationship with the nine maidens. We can expand and enhance our rapport and relationship with our personal Muse. In the wonder of the day, we can illuminate what of innovation remained hidden beyond our normal view. We can bring light and understanding to the mystical of innovation. During this magical day and its magical working, we will work together as one and with the Muse. Amid the discussions there will be three rituals: Awakening the Grace and Grandeur of the Muse; Through the Eyes of the Old Ones; and Sublimation of Innovation.

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