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9139 Voices of Innovation


Legacy PPV Conjuring the Voices of Innovation, Congress of Magicians ~ Los Angeles, February 2013

Product #9139

9139 Voices of Innovation
45 Day Access

Keywords: Innovation, Majesty of Wisdom, Joy, Guardians

Price: $175.00


Is it the burn of curiosity or the wonder of a mystery about to reveal itself in the dance of fire and light? Is it the joy of stumbling upon a doorway opening to new vistas, new horizons, and new dreams? What calls you, touches you, and holds you delightfully captive in its embrace? ~ Lazaris

They gathered in the still of night. The moon was almost new. Without a word they found their places and began to work an ancient magic rooted in Sirius and tended by their Souls. As if in response, the wind whispered through the trees, and the earth sighed in delight. The magicians listened in trembling anticipation. In the ecstasy of a moment, from somewhere beyond nowhere, the whispering voices burst forth and began to speak of mystery and wonder, of imagination and magic.

As this new year begins, Lazaris invited us to a Gathering of Magicians to work an ancient ritual to ignite the bonfires – the good fires – of creativity and innovation. These metaphorical fires can burn throughout this Year of Innovation, offering inspiration and illumination. As we explore our participation with innovation, we can return to these fires for guidance, renewal, and direction.

In the light of the bonfires, a Congress of Magicians convened. The moon was almost new. Through meditation and ritual we can work magic as the magicians of the past – as we – once did. In the magic of a moment, we can discover what sparks our creativity – what calls us, touches us, and holds us, delightfully captive in its embrace.

With Lazaris and a gathering of our Unseen Friends, we will explore and engage the voices of innovation from the Burn of Curiosity to the Majesty of Wisdom‚ Joy. Which voices speak to us? Which voices move us, lift us, and allow us to become and to be more? Which voices can guide us as we work with innovation to allow this year to be what we know it can be: marvelous, stupendous?

In the ecstasy of a moment, we can release those voices to awaken the wonder and the magic of innovation in our daily lives and in the world. We can take the first steps to become Innovators in a world becoming new. We can take the first steps to enhance and embellish our lives with the Mystery and Magic of Innovation.

During the Gathering of Magicians we witnessed and participated in a ritual to Ignite the Bonfires. The Congress of Magicians that follows will include several powerful rituals such as: Gathering the Guardians; Lifting the Ground, Raising the Sky; and Revelations of the Black Moon.

Let’s work together to give ourselves the gift of a marvelous year of innovative changing and growing. Let us work as one to give that gift to the world. Welcome to a Gathering and a Congress of Magicians with Lazaris. Welcome. . .

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