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9124 Triumph of Enchantment


Legacy PPV The Triumph of Enchantment in a World Becoming New, Culminating Weekend and Evening of 2012, Los Angeles

Product #9124

9124 Triumph of Enchantment
45 Day Access

Keywords: Enchantment, Compassion, Beauty, Joy

Price: $175.00


There are those exhilarating moments, elegant and grand. There are those rare moments that stretch beyond the bounds touching something beyond your reach. In such moments, you not only feel masterful, you know you are. In those moments you are triumphant. Let us discover and explore such moments. In the triumph of enchantment, your world becomes new. ~ Lazaris

They knew it only took a moment, an enchanted moment, rich with hope and understanding and alive with wonder and joy. So they gathered what they would bring of themselves, of their creativity and compassion, of their magic, and of their beauty. They found their place, and they stood the round. A quiet mist rolled in from the east. The candlelight flickered. It was their moment. Hearts open, willing to forgive, willing to receive, they were ready to create triumph for themselves and for each other. They had come in search of an exhilarating moment, elegant and grand. They found it.

Triumph creates a state of mind and a state of being. It is a resonance more powerful than its components, than its voices, that attracts and anchors success, attracts and anchors magic, and attracts and anchors right futures, beautiful, good, and true. With what we know of enchantment, with what we have experienced, we can enter the mystical heart of enchantment and find a sweet and sacred spot. We can touch a moment, and we can embrace our world becoming new. It‚ magic, and it can be miraculous.

Lazaris has created another spectacular Culminating Weekend for this amazing Year of Enchantment. We will begin with a powerful and beautiful ritual that otherwise might remain lost: The Ancient‚ Rite of Forgiveness. Then we will take another giant‚ step with another stunning ritual: Embracing the Grace of Belonging. With this solid foundation, we can gather our lost treasures of enchantment and enter its domain to work alchemical magic and to work a poignant ritual: Bringing Your Bounty to the World.

In the Gracious Heart of Enchantment we can be lifted to be more than we have been, we can become and be triumphant in living our lives – lives re-enchanted with magic, with love, and with healing. We can become and be triumphant in welcoming and embracing a world becoming new.

We are at the right place at the right time. Amid three rituals‚ The Ancient‚ Rite of Forgiveness, Embracing the Grace of Belonging, and Bringing Your Bounty to the World. We bind the mixture as we bring our love and our magic. With one more amazing ritual, we can emerge triumphant.

Yes, we are in the right place at the right time. We belong. We stand at a precipice of change. We are changing the world with The Triumph of Enchantment.

They knew it only took a moment.come in search of that moment, elegant and grand. We can find it. Welcome.

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