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9123 Joy’s Creative Magic


Legacy PPV 's Joy's Creative Magic: The Mystique of Enchantment at Work, One-Day ~ San Francisco, September 2012

Product #9123

9123 Joys Creative Magic
45 Day Access

Keywords: Enchantment, Joy, Magic, Mystique

Price: $125.00


It is our nature to work magic, and as we work our magic together, revelatory moments can unfold, revealing the unrealized and unspoken in our lives and of us. In those luminous moments of magic, we can dream, we can love, and we can heal with enchanted elegance. In those moments of joy, our nature, our grace can be brilliant. Lazaris welcomes us to Joy’s Magic to explore the mystique of enchantment.

Mystique: More than mystery, it is the resonance of unrealized power and unspoken secrets. With the Year of Enchantment in its second half, we have learned a great deal about, and we have experienced much of, enchantment and its potential in our lives.

Now Lazaris offers a magical day to enter the light and beauty of Joy’s Magic, to delve into the mystique — the unrealized power and the unspoken secrets — of enchantment.

Through a delightful series of magical workings we can awaken more possibilities and potentials of enchantment. We can take another step to re-enchant our lives and to re-enchant the world. Through a Matrix of Magical Rituals we can lift our nature and grace. Adding a brilliance to our grace, we can renew our commitment, our resolve, and our covenant to becoming more and to loving and healing more. We can stand tall and proud upon that commitment and covenant. This is the dawning of our day.

Come spend a day of dreaming, loving, and healing.come as we honor our nature and our grace with an enchanting day of working Joy’s Magic with Lazaris. Let yourself revel in the Matrix of Magical Rituals that may include: The Power and Mystery of One; Embracing the Unspoken and Unrealized;Through the Portal of Joy; Passion’s Alchemy; or Boundless and Unbridled Healing. Welcome.

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