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9118 Grace of the Ancients


Legacy PPV Imbued with the Grace of the Ancients: Exalted Transcendent Moments That Can Change Us Forever, Intensive ~ Los Angeles, June 2012

Product #9118

9118 Grace of the Ancients
45 Day Access

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Open your eyes. Be still. Listen. Open the eyes of your heart. Be confident and courageous. Love. Sit with the Ancients. A poignant touch can become an endearing and lasting embrace. Be enchanted by the grandeur of their presence and the mystery of their grace. In a suspended moment you can weave a tapestry of change. In that moment . . . The gifts of the Ancients are beyond compare. Open your eyes. Love forever. Forever change. – Lazaris

Their eyes met. Their hearts touched and their souls sang. The Ancient One and the Magician were as one. The Ancient smiled. The Magician listened. Both were suspended in a moment — a quietly joyous moment — of being. Both knew their lives were changed – forever changed.

Each of us has been touched by the Ancients at various times in our lives. Many of us work with the Ancients regularly. As well, each of us has stumbled upon special moments that, in retrospect, we’re defining moments in our lives. Each of these magical experiences is rich with enchantment: alive with mystery,imagination, and wonder, shimmering with creativity, beauty, and magic. Each can fill us with hope and spark deeper, even profound, understanding. As beautiful as such meetings and such moments are, they come and go too quickly.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could consciously create such moments when we want them, when we need them? Wouldn’t it be wonderful if we could craft transcendent moments and then emerge from those moments different, forever different?

The Ancients hold the inner knowing and the wherewithal to generate monumental changes in our lives and in our world. We can sit with the Ancients with our eyes wide open. We can be still, and we can listen. Imbued with the Grace of the Ancients, enchanting magic can unfold.

Lazaris, along with our Higher Selves and the Ancients, has designed a luminous intensive lifting pieces of initiation and hope and dipping them into mystery and magic so that we can learn to weave a tapestry of change for ourselves and for the world we love. Together, we will conjure and work magic. Together, we enact extraordinary rituals: Awakening and Becoming One with the Ancients; Conjuring Primal Love; Rites of Sensuous Imagination; Crafting Transcendent Moments; or Weaving a Tapestry of Change.

Loving, healing, dreaming, and working magic . . . It is what comes naturally to us. It is our grace. Graciously, we can live our dreams and dream new dreams with refreshing vision and empowered authority. We can find something mysterious and something grand — something that glistens and glows — within us. Our magic and its workings can expand exponentially.

We are ready. We do deserve. The gifts of the Ancients are beyond compare. We are ready to receive. Together with other magicians, come to be with Lazaris. Receive. It’s time. Welcome.

Mapmaker’s Dream: Living the Enchanted Life, An Evening with Lazaris

An enchanted life creates space for the eternal, for the sacred, and for everyday miracles and revelatory moments. It has plenty of room for forgiveness and ample opportunities for second chances. Seek its beauty as well as its order. Wait upon its mystery and magic. Embrace enchantment’s presence and grace. An enchanted life is within your grasp. — Lazaris

Enchantment is a belief, a resonance, a choice. When we recapture the essence of enchantment, we can brighten our visions and embellish our dreams. Our imagination flourishes, and our compassion lifts to new reaches of caring. Love and loving become more. We become more. Embracing the essence, we become fascinated with life and with our lives. We can become fascinating people and more powerful, more accomplished, magicians.

Enchantment is the next step in our journey, and Lazaris has designed an evening that is a magical working as we continue discovering our rapport and exploring our relationship with enchantment. Together, we will create a map and awaken a dream. Step by step we can unfold the mystery of Recapturing the Essence of Enchantment and of Living the Enchanted Life.

With our permission, Lazaris will work magic for us as well as working magic with us. Wrapped in the presence and grace of enchantment, our lives can begin to be enchanted. We and our lives can begin to become fascinating.

Welcome to a beautiful and mysterious evening of love and magic. Welcome.

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