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9115 Allure of Enchantment


Legacy PPV The Allure of Enchantment: Elegant Co-Creation with the Archetypes, Intensive ~ Orlando, March 2012

Product #9115

9115 Allure of Enchantment
45 Day Access

Keywords: Enchantment, Co-Creating, Charms

Price: $275.00


Enchantment is the magic of charms. When the many charms come together in a certain way, in an enchanting way, they sing. They create a special moment that is like no other. In that moment, your heart is filled, and your Soul is all but overwhelmed. In that moment, a transcendent moment that you wish would last forever, your heart and Soul come together in an ecstatic union that can lift to the splendid and the sublime. This is the magic, this is the allure, of enchantment.come. Allow yourself to be enchanted.come. Surrender to the allure. ~ Lazaris

A new adventure waits; new puzzle pieces fall into place. The Magic of Enchantment, amazing in its potential, stunning in its sweep, and incredible in its manifestation, waits for us. In a moment that we wish would last forever, Lazaris also waits for us. Upon this adventure and in that moment, the charms of enchantment can come together in a mysterious and magical way. With Lazaris at our side and with his tender love and guidance, we can meet with the Archetypes to work stunning magic in the allure, to work Co-Creation magic amid the charms and in the domain of enchantment.

Co-Creating with the Archetypes is one of the most enchanting and elegant magics among the many magics within our grasp. Its workings can be among the most powerful and the most miraculous. Such magic is rich with transcendent moments allowing us to surpass the success we know and to supersede the happiness and joy we hope to know.

The Archetypes offer understanding and knowing to sharpen our focus and our resolve. They offer guidance and protection: guidance to achieve our desires and protection to hold them once manifested in our lives. Together they offer unyielding opportunities for unprecedented happiness and success, stunning happiness and success.

When we embrace elegant co-creation with the Archetypes, new dreams with refreshing vision and empowered authority come alive with enchantment. We can find something grand, something that glistens and glows within us, and our magic and its workings can expand exponentially.

In the domain of enchantment, as we are filled with renewed hope, alive with expectation and anticipation, we can find triumph even when it seems victory is outside our grasp. Our lives can be enriched; our love can be more radiant; and our spirituality can become exuberant. Perhaps most precious of all, in the magic of that allure we can transform our choices into conscious and active creations as we work with the Archetypes and the charms of enchantment. We will come closer to living more richly and fully in the Presence of God/Goddess/All That Is and more powerfully and successfully in their Grace.

Lazaris has designed an incredible journey steeped in mystery and magic and ripe with en-chantment. We will travel the rich terrain of rituals: Awakening the Charms of Mystery and Beauty, Hearing the Whispers of the Moon, Jubilation of the Charms, and Sublimation of the Magicsare among them. Along the way, perhaps when we least expect it, we will lift our magic and the artistry of enchantment, and the mastery of co-creation magic can be ours.

Upon this adventure and in this moment, we can work magic with the Archetypes: Magic for ourselves and magic for our world, and magic of our design and magic of their design. Let’s be enchanted. Let’s surrender to the allure. Welcome.

The Alchemy of Enchantment, An Evening with Lazaris

Your journey is reaching new levels and opening to new dimensions of magic and to new octaves of what is possible to dream, and of what is possible to create and manifest in your reality and in the world. You are ready to reach beyond. . . . You are ready.  ~ Lazaris

The possibilities are immense. New creations can abound, and the changes in ourselves and in our world can be monumental.

As we discover and explore the wonders and the magic of enchantment, we will be reaching for new levels of our magic, and we will be touching new dimensions of ourselves. Our journey can unfold as we conjure the incredible forces of an ancient magic: alchemy, the mystery of transmuting and transforming the lesser into the more. It is an enchanting magic that for centuries has been all but lost, cloaked in mystery and shrouded in secrets. It is a rare magic. Stunning. It is an astounding magic that cannot be accurately or fully taught, but it can be elegantly and profoundly experienced.

Enchantment is the magic of charms. As this evening unfolds we will discover the meaning of charms and explore their mystery and beauty. We can activate the subtle threads of alchemy and from calcination to celebration bring these charms alive so they can sing. Somewhere in the mix of this magical working, within the discussion and ritual, with a touch of love from Lazaris and from our Higher Selves, something magical, something enchanting, something that defies description can happen.

New possibilities and new dreams and visions can be set in motion. The changes in us and in our world can be beyond what we can yet imagine.

Come join the other magicians who will be gathering in Orlando.come be with Lazaris for another magnificent evening in advance of another incredible intensive. Welcome.

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