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9114 Seeds of Enchantment


Legacy PPV: Planting and Cultivating the Seeds of Enchantment in Ourselves and in the World, Congress of Mapmakers - January 2012, Los Angeles

Product #9114

9114 Seeds of Enchantment
45 Day Access

Price: $175.00


Beyond the point of no return, you enter the uncharted, searching, seeking, discovering, living. Listen. Follow. Guided by the light of your Spirit, your Soul will guide you to enchantment, to paradise, and beyond. ~ Lazaris

They left footprints in the early morning dew as they made their way through the silence. Past the maze of tents and beyond, one by one they gathered in the meadow. A low resonant tone rose from deep within one, then another, and yet another until all the Initiators were chanting. Deep. Slow. Beautifully sad, yet stunningly powerful: The Dance of Enchantment had begun. Amid a mist of fantasy and reality, of beauty and imagination, there was another voice, the voice of spirit. There was another presence, the presence of soul.

Before the rise of sun, these solemn magicians hallowed the ground with the Seeds of Enchantment. In the days and weeks that would follow, by the magic worked, the love given, and the healing shared, those seeds planted would be cultivated, and enchantment would grow, expand, and become enhanced. The land would be rich with mystery and sacred with magic. As the days and weeks unfolded, most people would be unaware of the magic worked that morning, but all would feel the benefit, calling it by any number of names. Most would be unaware; a few might notice the footprints in the dew.

This is the Year of Enchantment, and during the final weekend of January, we can leave our footprints in the world and on reality as we engage in a mystical working of magic with Lazaris and with other masterful magicians. Lazaris has designed a unique Gathering of Magicians and Congress of Mapmakers.We can lift the resonance and infuse this new year, this monumental year that Lazaris describes as a “stepping off year,” with the Primal Seeds of Enchantment.We will plant those seeds and learn how to grow, to cultivate, the sensuous, even seductive, Beguiling Allure of Enchantment.

Our challenge is to move past our resistance and to set aside the misconceptions and tainted assumptions to enhance our rapport and mature our relationship with enchantment. Our challenge is to make the maps to begin re-enchanting the world as we re-enchant our lives. Lazaris welcomes us to this Congress of Mapmakers as we engage in such mystical rituals as: Brewing Charms of Mystery and Imagination; Engaging and Embracing the Ensorceler’s Stone;or Surrendering to the Moment of Soul’s Ecstasy and Spirit’s Serenity.

Together and with Lazaris, the world can be a better world because of us and because of the magic we work.

Come gather with other magicians and with Lazaris just before the dawn to plant seeds in ourselves and in the world.come, leave your footprints in the dew. What an incredible way to begin a new year. Welcome . . .

* This Legacy PPV includes the Friday evening event,

Anchoring Enchantment in the Magic of the Archetypes, A Gathering of Magicians . . .

Come join Lazaris as he does a stunning working of magic with the Archetypes: the Fool, the Magician, the Crone, the Moon, and others among the formless forms. We can participate with Lazaris and the Archetypes to create a Foundation of Enchantment in our lives and in the world. Infused with the bounty of hope, we can set something hauntingly beautiful in motion, something that can overwhelm our hearts and inspire our Souls and Spirits with the reverie of transcendence: Enchantment. From this foundation we can break ground and Anchor Enchantment in a year that is destined to be stunning.

Lazaris will create a crystal grid as he usually does during a Gathering of Magicians. This grid can become that foundation, that ground of being, to which we can return throughout the year to Restore, Refurbish, and Renew Our Enchantment and to work the profound magic of Re-Enchanting Life. The work we can do with this Foundation of Enchantment can be astounding.

This is a special Gathering of Magicians. This is a special evening of magic that is rich with love and alive with the Archetypes. Welcome . . .

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