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9104 Sacred Ceremonies from Yosemite


Legacy PPV Loving the Earth: Sacred Ceremonies for Healing Ourselves and Our World ~ Yosemite, September 2010

Product #9104

9104 Sacred Ceremonies from Yosemite
45 Day Access

Keywords: Yosemite, Great Work, Nature Spirits, Beauty

Price: $325.00


The world is becoming new. Infused with love, you are ready, more ready than you have ever been, and there is loving and healing, grander loving and greater healing, to be done. The magics you each offer are ready to become one. You are ready to dream and to work magic as one: The world is becoming new.come. There are sacred ceremonies waiting for your touch.come. Let us make the magic that can awaken dominion, stir mystery, and set miracles in motion. The world is becoming new . . . and so are you. The Great Work expands. ~ Lazaris

Preparing ourselves and illuminating our powers and potentials, we call upon the grandmothers and grandfathers of our traditions as we engage the Nature Spirits. Perhaps we encounter faeries who join us in our quest. Gnomes may guide us into the Earth to explore the clandestine and mystical of their realm. Sylphs and Undines can offer the light and movement to reveal lost treasures and hidden secrets of Nature that can be found in their worlds. With what we discover and uncover we will craft our own Personal Sacred Ritual of Being and Becoming. Vibrant with our own personal ritual, we will be ready to initiate those sacred ceremonies waiting for our touch: Dancing Serpents and Singing Stones; Conjuring Primordial Love; The Dance of Miracles; and The Celebration: Benevolent Healing to Restore the Glow of Earth. In the midst of ceremony, our incredible forces of love can lift to new levels of intensity and beauty as we surround ourselves with Nature in a place where “the Earth truly loves itself.

“We can call upon the Spirits of Nature and work magic together with the Gnomes, Sylphs, Salamanders, and Undines. Awakening a new domain within ourselves and in the world around us, we can receive grander love and greater healing. We can share the wonder with the world. We can share the bounty of our love and of our magic with the world. All the while, we will truly be loving the Earth. We will also be loving each other as we share our magics as well as our conviction to The Great Work.

The Lazaris Community

Over the decades, a thriving spiritual community has blossomed among many who work with Lazaris. Explore ways to become part of this love, healing and belonging.