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9095 Eyes of the Old Ones


Legacy PPV Eyes of the Old Ones: Revealing and Unraveling Visions of a World Becoming New, Culminating Evening and Weekend of 2011

Product #9095

9095 Eyes of the Old Ones
45 Day Access

Keywords: Duende, Muse, Ancient Ones

Price: $175.00


A poignant touch, an endearing embrace, and your dreams and visions can become rich with daring. Through the Eyes of the Old Ones, your life can glow, enchanted with magic, wonder, and grace.come. Let us sit together listening, loving, talking, and creating with the Ancients. Allow the Eyes of the Old Ones to open. Discover. Explore. Become more. – Lazaris

With what seemed no more than a smile and a tear, the Ancient One and the Magician were as one. Their eyes met. Their hearts touched, and they surrendered to the moment. Their souls sang. In that joyous moment, each knew: Their lives were changed – forever changed. They loved in that sacred moment, and in their unique ways of creating and making love, secrets unfolded revealing dreams and visions – daring and endearing dreams, and visions of a world becoming new. Each had long anticipated this meeting of hearts and minds – of souls and spirits. Each received the bounty of their well-crafted hope.

When we step up and own our grandeur, wrapped in mystery, we can also surrender to a moment that is like no other. We and the Ancients – our grandmothers and grandfathers – can become as one. Beyond awareness and understanding, we can know. We can know who we are. In that knowing, through the Eyes of the Old Ones,we can begin to live who we are. We can catch glimpses – hints and clues – that reveal visions of a world becoming new and that unravel our participation in the work that is called The Great Work. We can find our voice, and we can begin to hear it sing.

When we allow the Eyes of the Old Ones to open, our hope, infused with the luminous hope of our souls and spirits, can become Well-Crafted Hope, a phenomenal and dynamic component of our magic. Our magic can lift to become splendid magic, beautiful and sensuous. We can uncover and unfold transcendent forces that can lift our love and expand it beyond its current bounds and limits. When we allow the Eyes of the Old Ones to open, hope and its bounty can become miraculous in our lives and in our world.

Lazaris has designed an amazing weekend for the culmination of this watershed year. It is alive and rich with mystery and bountiful with magical workings which include an enchanting ritual: Eyes of the Old Ones. The magic of these days also involves such rituals as Awakening the Ancient One Within; Dancing with the Muse: Stirring Chaos andAwakening Passion; Surrendering to the Moment;and Engaging Your Duende.

Welcome to a poignant touch and an endearing embrace. Welcome.

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