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9092 Lost Medicines of Soul and Spirit


Legacy PPV Leaping the Bounds: The Lost Medicines of Soul and Spirit, Intensive ~ San Francisco, July 2011

Product #9092

9092 Lost Medicines of Soul and Spirit
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Spirit searches. Soul waits. When they touch magic happens. When they embrace miracles unfold. Leap the bounds of your imagination. Cloaked in the bounty of hope, enter the private realms of a touch, of an embrace. Tethered by the wonder of hope, surrender to the magic once lost and now found. Discover. Be new. Be more.– Lazaris

As much as we know of Soul and Spirit, we also know there is always more to learn, more to discover and to explore. We are never done. There is just so much majesty and magnificence held within the vastness of their domain. There is endless magic, and there are countless miracles within the entwining ofSoul and Spirit.

When infused with hope, there need be no limit to what we can create and manifest when we are awash with the magic of Soul and Spirit – when we are awash with their medicines, which too often have been lost. With a touch, with an embrace, we can step into a rare domain rich with mystery and intrigue. Held tenderly in love, wrapped gently in beauty, we can become and be so much more. Such is the nature of those Lost Medicines of Soul and Spirit.

We can be free to live our dreams and to adventure beyond them, free to love and to risk loving more, free to create a world that is better. And more,we can be free to create a world that is new. Cloaked in and tethered by hope — and immersed in the Lost Medicines of Soul and Spirit — we are able to define ourselves anew with fresh choices about how to participate in the world and how to engage our Great Work. We can change the ways we live and love in our lives.

During these three powerful days in July, three days of magical celebration and initiation with Lazaris, our Higher Selves, and the other masterful magicians who gather with us, we can open to new dimensions of Soul and Spirit, discovering and exploring their realms and their domain. With a series of beautiful and poignant rituals — The Boundless Touch, Infusions of Spirit’s Light, Embracing Spirit’s Dance, and Engaging the Mystic Eyes of Soul — we can leap the bounds of our imagination. With Lazaris’s intimate guidance, we can touch, we can embrace, and we can reap the bounty of a lost magic,of the Lost Medicines of Soul and Spirit: to lift, to expand, to love spontaneously, to live magnanimously.

Welcome to three unforgettable days in July. Welcome.

A Journey to Grander Love: Hope’s Mystery, Hope’s Dream, Evening with Lazaris

We invite you upon a journey to grander love and greater healing. We invite you to unfold a mystery and to embrace a dream. Awaken the wonder of hope, for in hope’s mystery you can stir hope’s dream — its dream that you will create yourself becoming more in a world that is destined to be new. Within hope’s mystery, inspired by hope’s dream, you can be touched and forever changed by a special love, by a love known by many names, by a love we call Grander Love. Welcome to a mystery. Welcome to a dream. ~ Lazaris

We have discovered much about hope. Sometimes we assume we know enough of its wonder and mystery. Yet within its mystery there is something special,something lost. There is something that can lift us and change us as never before: Grander Love.

Grander Love isn’t simply more love. It is exceptional love. It is exceptional in its reach, in its scope, and in its magic. When it touches us, we can hear the music of love with astounding clarity and purity. We are lifted in celebration. Our compassion expands and our passions breathe. WhenGrander Love touches us, we come alive with love, loving, and healing. Changing, growing, and evolving are at hand.

As we work with the Mystery of Hope and with Hope’s Dream for us, we can uncover and unfold a transcendent force that can lift our love and expand it beyond its current boundaries and beyond its current limits. It is that love that is a Grander Love, a divine love that is beyond all reason and all memory — that is beyond all imagination. Within the Mystery of Hope, as we embrace Hope’s Dream, that love comes alive,and so do we.

Our world needs hope with its mystery and its dream. Our world needs love, a grander love. We need both. Welcome to an enchanting evening of magic rich with both love and hope.

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