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9086 Congress of Miracle Workers DC 2010


Legacy PPV Congress of Miracle Workers: Conjuring Magic in the Nation's Capital ~ October 2010

Product #9086

9086 Congress of Miracle Workers DC 2010
45 Day Access

Keywords: Washington, D.C., Great Work, Magic

Price: $325.00


There has never been a Lazaris seminar like this one. Its focus: to work and to share extraordinary and specific magic, to explore the beautiful and majestic Capitol building of the United States, and to weave magic throughout the nation’s capital. Truly, it was an extraordinary experience for the fifty miracle makers who made this journey. Truly, it was life-changing, as magicians gathered with Lazaris at “the dawning of our day” to actively engage in another aspect of our Great Work.

This Congress and Gathering of Magicians was part workshop, ripe with powerful meditations, and part Personal Interludes, complete with provocative questions, insights and delightful answers. On Wednesday evening Magicians gathered as Lazaris created a crystal grid and charged/encoded fifty pouches of tumbled stones — stones that over the next several days would be strewn throughout the city. We participated in a powerful meditation to align our chakras and to more fully awaken and sharpen our unfamiliar senses. All this was our readying for the journey ahead.

Each morning the magicians gathered with Lazaris to talk of their experiences, to share their wonder, their joy, and their magic. Each morning concluded with a beautiful meditation. Then everyone was off to explore — monuments, museums, cathedrals/churches – or to just walk the streets touching the resonance of the neighborhoods. The magic of these days was both individual and communal – inner worldly, outer worldly, other worldly.

Friday, the entire group of Miracle Makers boarded a bus, and we were off to the Capitol. Through security, we next convened in the Gallery of the House Chambers. As a group we sat in the section where the First Lady sits during the State of the Union Addresses. It was an august moment, as quietly, and unnoticed, we each worked our magic. The forms were different, but the love and the caring were both intense and immense. From the Gallery we toured the Capitol and finally gathered with Lazaris under a tree on the Capitol lawn. Beneath the swaying branches with a fresh spring breeze embracing us, we meditated together. We shared our magic with the world.

The journey underway continued through Friday, Saturday, and Sunday with a bounty that is beyond words.

You are invited to join with Lazaris and a Congress of fifty – of fifty fellow magicians – for conjuring magic at the nation’s Capitol and throughout the city of Washington, D. C. Now you can share the exploration. You can participate in the discussions and meditations. You can be touched by the magic. And you can share the magic with the world. Welcome.

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