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9082 Communion with the Divine


Legacy PPV Communion with the Divine: Dialogues That Can Change Your Life (Intensive) and New Workings of Magic: Lifting Ordinary Happiness to Extraordinary Growing and Changing, An Evening with Lazaris

Product #9082

9082 Communion with the Divine
45 Day Access

Keywords: Co-Creation, Duende, Divine

Price: $275.00


It begins with grace. It continues with co-creation. It unfolds with being loved and with being in love. Come. Let us unfold the wonder of being in love with God/Goddess and reveal the miracles of being in love with All That Is. Who you are can shine more brilliantly than it has shone before. Your mastery can lift into the august realm of artistry. Come, let’s unfold and reveal the wonder and the miracles of falling in love all over again. ~ Lazaris

The magicians sat in the stillness. Centered in the splendor of self, they focused their wonder upon the flicker of a solitary flame. They waited. Open. Without expectation, yet rich with hope, they waited.

For some it began in a hush — a unique, inexplicable hush. For others it started with a light otherwise lost in their personal Dark Wood, or it was set in motion while they danced with their Duende. Some heard a subtle whisper, while others seemed to hear nothing at all. Each listened. Each was touched. Without fully knowing how, each engaged in dialogues with God/Goddess/All That Is — dialogues that changed their lives, changed their lives forever.

We are no longer technicians, and we are lifting beyond being masterful magicians in communion — magical and mysterious communion — with the Divine. We can discover a new ease and elegance to our magic, and the beauty and richness of our happiness and success can lift to new levels with new dimensions. We can love more deeply and more profoundly than we ever thought possible.

We can heal old and recent wounds for ourselves and for our world. Our love and healing can lift and expand, changing as never before; their breadth and depth can change our world in ways not yet imagined. In communion with the Divine, we can open. Wait. Listen. We can be in love.

Lazaris has designed a unique journey — a quest — embedded in the form of an intensive. Within the span of three days, we will open TheDialogues by engaging in three powerful rituals of preparation and illumination: Awakening the Splendor of Self, Secrets within the Shadows of the Moon, and Dancing with Your Duende. Amid the dialogues, we will work our Magic of Initiation. Lazaris will work magic with us and for us as we open to an enchanting celebration:Being in Love with All That Is, Standing in Love with God and Goddess.

It may begin with a unique hush or a lost light. It may be set in motion as we dance with our Duende. We may hear a whisper or nothing at all. We may never be able to corral the magic or the changes into words. But we can engage in The Dialogues — dialogues with the Divine, dialogues that can change our lives and our world.

Welcome to this unique quest of magic and love. Welcome to this amazing time of healing and changing. Welcome. …

New Workings of Magic: Lifting Ordinary Happiness to Extraordinary Growing and Changing (Evening with Lazaris)

When love’s magic is art, it matures with the strength of enchantment, and it deepens with the beauty of grace. When love’s magic is art, your life becomes a slow dance, elegant, majestic, and profound. When love’s magic becomes art . … Welcome. ~ Lazaris

Amid the turmoil in the world around us, our current threshold can be a precipice of uncertainty or a pinnacle of magic. As we initiate love’s magic,we can step beyond: our success, rich with achievement, can deepen, and our happiness, bountiful with adventure, can expand. Our love, already bountiful,can become grand, and our magic can crescendo with brilliance and joy.

We know we are masterful magicians. Yet sometimes — too often — the enchantment and the grace of our magic remain elusive or lag behind. We know we bountifully love, but putting that love into action can be riddled with uncertainty and shaky confidence.

Lazaris has designed a beautiful evening of discussion and magic so we can take the steps to move beyond the tattered vestiges of our past and be free of our encumbering sense of indebtedness.

From the unspoken depths of our magic and our love, we can conjure a rare magic, a sublime magic. We can initiate Love’s Magic. We can step from our current pinnacle and put love into action.

Join us for another magical encounter with Lazaris — an evening that can be the next step in this Year of Initiation and a powerful prelude to the intensive on longevity.

Welcome …

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