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9070 Harnessing Chaos and Crisis


Legacy PPV Harnessing Chaos and Crisis: Creating Beauty and Elegance, One Day, January 2010 - Los Angeles

Product #9070

9070 Harnessing Chaos and Crisis
45 Day Access

Keywords: Chaos, Crisis, Beauty, Elegance, Change

Price: $125.00


Awaken the wonders lost in chaos and the secrets hidden in crisis. Amid those wonders and secrets discover a magnificent reservoir of transcendent energies and forces. In alliance with chaos and crisis, you can create untold beauty and elegance. While others shrink from each, as you harness chaos and crisis, your reality can flourish with magic and miracles. ~ Lazaris

The new year, the Year of Initiation, began in the flurry of chaos where crises abound. Most within the consensus reality would shrink, retreating or recoiling, from each.

But our personal realities could become rich with beauty and vibrant with elegance and ease. That beauty with its magic and that elegance with its miracles can fill our lives and then overflow into the lives of those we love and of those we care about. Beauty and elegance – magic and miracles – can flow into our world.

Chaos frightens us; crisis amplifies our fears. Each holds the threat of unknown consequences. Many try to tame chaos or to control crisis by turning away with denials or distractions. Others will attempt to tame or control by labeling chaos as the “ways of the world” or by calling crisis the “mysterious ways or workings” of God. The price we pay for such attempts is the loss of power – of our power: our ability and our willingness to act in the peaks and troughs of chaos or in the changing faces of crisis. We become at sufferance of each.

Lazaris has designed a powerful day of magic. He will work with us so that we can Handle Current and Impending Crises and so that we can Create Empowered Alliances with Crisis. He will help us lift the Veils of Perception so that we can awaken the wonders and the secrets otherwise lost in chaos and hidden in crisis. He will offer new workings of magic so that we can discover and then harness those wonders and secrets to create beauty and elegance.

Yes. We can be rich with beauty and elegance. Magic and miracles can flow into our world.come join other magicians as we initiate this new year, as we set this new year in motion, with beauty and elegance.come spend a magical day of love with Lazaris. Welcome . . .

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