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9050 Living Life Born to Live


Legacy PPV Living the Life You Were Born To Live ~ Orlando, April 2009

Product #9050

9050 Living Life Born to Live
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You have felt the quiet rightness and the silent truth about crafting your life. You know it is vital. You know it is crucial. Perhaps now you also know the hunger and the thirst, perhaps now you feel the yearning and longing, to live the life you were born to live. It is no longer a choice. At this time in the world and at this stage in your growing and evolving, living the life you were born to live becomes essential … essential to you and essential for your Great Work. — Lazaris

It is like a dream waiting to be born … a dream that lies just beyond the next horizon or around the next bend. Crafting our life — living the life we were born to live — brings hope where it is otherwise lacking, and it provides answers as well as means and opportunity to embrace and realize those answers. Crafting our life stirs a mysterious romance for living and for loving. Living the life we were born to live engages a sensuous flow of beauty and embraces a wondrous fount of enchantment and love.

Lazaris has structured a personal Vision Quest for each of us to awaken our personal, unborn dream … to craft and then to build our new life. We can call upon the power and magic of our ancestry — upon the power and magic of our “Grandmothers and Grandfathers” throughout the span of space and time. We can call upon the unrealized power and untold magic of our Future Selves — our truer, more-real selves. Magic and miracles can abound.

We begin our quest with a Call of Magicians. In the presence of our Higher Self, our Soul/Spirit, and our “Grandmothers and Grandfathers,” we will conjure a Domain of Magic. Within that domain, we will seek the Gifts and Counsels of Our Ancestors. These Ancestors will prepare us and then help us as we collect the components, the magical ingredients, with which to initiate our crafting of the life we were born to live. With their loving guidance, we will then take a primordial journey — a surreal, wondrous journey — into the Essence of Our Soul, where we can listen to and unfold the Unrevealed Secrets of Self.

Continuing, we can engage our Future Self as companion and ally. Together with our Ancestors and our Future Self, we can conjure a stunning magic made of the initial components and ingredients combined with the secrets collected in the heart or within the essence of our Soul. In a powerful ritual, Awakening the Essence of Beauty, we can add our panache, our personal verve, to the brew. As the mist settles … amid sensuous flows and wondrous fount … a romance for living and loving can flourish — loving, enchanted, and beautiful.

We can respond to that quiet rightness and that silent truth. We can answer the hunger and the thirst. We can craft the life we were born to live.come join Lazaris for a magical Vision Quest. We can emerge more … more of who we were always meant to be. Welcome. …

Unleashing the Mystery and Magic of Celebration, An Evening with Lazaris

There will be those who wittingly or unwittingly discover the mystery of celebration. Among them, some will recoil and abandon such pursuit; others will deny the mystery that they touch, not willing to let that mystery touch them. Few will touch the phenomenal power of celebration. Fewer will know its magic or the miracles that can emerge from its mystique. — Lazaris

With its magic, we can open new portals to the miraculous and with greater ease and elegance — with aplomb – we can allow miracles to flow into our lives, into our own worlds, and into the world around us. Unleashing the mystery and magic of celebration, our framework can change, our radiance can shift, and we can respond to the calls of our Great Work.

During this loving evening of magic, Lazaris will lay the foundation and establish the groundwork of celebration by exploring its several components — the Faces of Celebration. Moving beyond our known and unknown resistances, we can discover the Hidden Bounty of Celebration. Then, more than revealing and unfolding it, we can take specific steps to unleash the mystery and the magic of celebration. With this evening’s magic — with the magic of celebration alive within us — our lives can change. Our world can change. Welcome to our first entry into the mystique and the wonder of celebration. Welcome to another evening of love and magic. Welcome.

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