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9044 Celebrating Personal Abundance


Legacy PPV Celebrating Personal Abundance, and Transcendent Prosperity, Congress of Magicians ~ San Francisco, February 2009

Product #9044

9044 Celebrating Personal Abundance
45 Day Access

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A Congress of Magicians:  Celebrating Personal Abundance, and Transcendent Prosperity

We invite you to join us in a sacred place, an empowered place, deep within you; we invite you to find the keys … your keys to a life rich with abundance and ripe with prosperity. We invite you to a celebration to unlock and unleash untold abundance and unprecedented prosperity … to be free. Come let us gather; come let us celebrate life. — Lazaris

A new year, new possibilities, new opportunities, new hopes … and yes, there are also new worries, new uncertainties, and new fears. As certain possibilities and opportunities abound, others seem to wither. Amid it all, our hearts are full of incredible and beautiful dreams and visions of what we want for ourselves and for our world.

In the face of the current expanding and contracting crises, as mapmaking magicians we are more excited and more concerned than ever about the future. As exciting and as uncertain as these times are, with the keys — our personal keys — to greater and grander abundance and prosperity, our lives and these times can come alive with even greater magical creations and manifestations. Vibrant with abundance and prosperity, we could have so much more, do so much more, and be and become so much more.

There are many dreams ready to manifest, and so many visions waiting to be fulfilled. We have a multitude of ideas and plans to implement and explore. There is so much success brimming with happiness and joy that could be — that should be — ours.

Greater abundance, grander prosperity … Lazaris invites us to a two-day celebration that is an astounding working of magic — to find our personal keys to personal abundance and transcendent prosperity. With Lazaris, during this Congress of Magicians we can strengthen our Formula for Success, activate our Abundance Machine, create our Fortress of Prosperity, and we can engage the Magus of Wealth. With our personal keys, we can unlock and unleash untold abundance and transcendent prosperity. We can be free.

This, the first event of 2009: The Year of Celebration, can be our own personal event of decisive change and dynamic shift. It can be our time of unlocking and unleashing a celebratory response to our reality and a stunning response to the current world. What an incredible way to assure our year can be dazzling with remarkable adventures as the world, by our hand, becomes new.

As with other Congress of Magicians events, this event will not be about learning new techniques or about exploring new ideas. Instead we will focus on working the magic we know – on working the magic we might otherwise work alone – and upon doing that magic together with each other and together with Lazaris.

Welcome to the magic; welcome to the love. Welcome to the celebration of personal abundance and transcendent prosperity. Welcome …

A Gathering of Magicians:  Igniting the Miraculous in Your Daily Life

Each of us can bring our hopes and dreams for the future; we can also bring our concerns and fears about the coming days and months. During a time of paradox and flux, we can work magic with Lazaris. We can witness and participate in a grand working of magic: Igniting the Miraculous. We can bask in the resonance and absorb the radiance of this amazing evening of working magic with Lazaris and with other masterful magicians.

As with other Gatherings of Magicians, this Friday evening in the San Francisco area was different than an Evening with Lazaris. Rather than the discussions and techniques that characterize Evenings, there is an unusually poignant crystal grid meditation: a sacred time of loving that can stand alone or that can be a prelude to this Year of Celebration and a prelude to a phenomenal Congress of Magicians: Celebrating Personal Abundance and Transcendent Prosperity.

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