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9038 Dawning of Your Day


Legacy PPV The Dawning of Your Day: The Mapmaker's Dream. Culminating Evening and Weekend ~ San Francisco, November 2008

Product #9038

9038 Dawning of Your Day
45 Day Access

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You are the Dreamers and the Dream Weavers. Your personal Mapmaker’s Dream awaits. Yes, dear one, genuine dreams — dreams alive with magic and born of the future — do come true … They always do. — Lazaris

We can be free to become freer. Our magic can flourish as never before. Our creations can be luminous. Our manifestations can be profound. What remains to be forgiven, changed, and healed can be lifted miraculously. Happiness and joy can soar. Success can abound. We can become the giants that we truly are. In the dawning of our day, our personal Mapmaker’s Dream awaits.

This can be a watershed weekend. We can begin to play in the fields of reality where all our dreams can come true. Enveloped in the love of Lazaris and our Higher Self and in the love of our soul and spirit, we can change our personal framework (memories, myths, dreams, and visions) and shift our electromagnetic field. We can alter our radiance (resonance, abundance, momentum, and balance) and generate a new domain from which to celebrate our lives and in which to create our world new. Celebration can be at hand.

During this culminating weekend — and together with Lazaris and our Higher Self — we will create a Miraculous Cauldron. We will warm that cauldron with our Fire of Personal Freedom, a fire that is fueled by the seductive Allure of Freedom. In the warmth and glow of that fire we can engage in Intimate Dialogues with Our Future Self. We will Dance with Soul and Spirit to engage our “ghost” or our duende with whom we can unlock and unleash the Mystery and Magic of Being Free.

Out of that cauldron, amid the steamy mists of mystery and magic, we can seal our rapport and relationship with freedom; we can establish an alliance with freedom that is alive with splendor and majesty. We can embrace our Soul and Spirit with grander love and greater intimacy. We can make peace with our “ghost” (our duende). Out of the mists we can emerge bold and new, ready to craft our personal Mapmaker’s Dream and to live a new life.

Yes. Genuine dreams do come true. Welcome …

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