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9024 Divine Love


Legacy PPV The Divine Love and Enduring Beauty of Soul and Spirit ~ Los Angeles, July 2008

Product #9024

9024 Divine Love
45 Day Access

Keywords: Divine Love, Soul, Spirit, Beauty

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Spirit searches, Soul waits … and when they touch magic happens; when they embrace miracles unfold. Enter the eternal dance of Soul and Spirit. Step into the boundless magnificence of love. Step into the resplendent majesty of beauty. Amid the gratifying bliss of happiness, in the uplifting swirl of joy, you can touch the exhilaration and the wonder. You can be free.~ Lazaris

Captivated by the True Eyes of the Soul and enchanted by the Infused Light of Spirit, we step into a rare domain rich with mystery and intrigue. Held tenderly, wrapped gently, we yearn, we long, we reach for more. Such is the nature, such is the grace, of their love and beauty.

As much as we know of love and beauty, as much as we know of Soul and Spirit, we have just begun to discover and explore. There is just so much majesty and magic held within the vastness of beauty and love. There is bountiful magnificence and there are countless miracles within the entwining of Soul and Spirit. There need be no limit to what we can create and manifest when we are awash with love and beauty. There need be no bound to our freedom and to being free when we are embraced by our soul and spirit.

We can be free to live our dreams and to adventure beyond them, free to love and to risk loving more, free to create a world that is better, and more, a world that is new, and free to be whoever and whatever, free to change, free to be different … free to become more. Yes. We can be free.

Being free changes how we define ourselves, how we act and participate in the world, and it changes the ways we live and love in our lives. Rich with mystery, being free is thrilling, exhilarating, and filled with wonder. And one of the most amazing pathways to that exhilaration and wonder — one of the most incredible avenues to being free — is through the love and beauty of our Soul and the love and beauty of our Spirit.

During three powerful days in July — three days of magical celebration with Lazaris and our Higher Selves — we can open to new dimensions of our Soul and Spirit discovering and exploring their realms and their domain. Through two beautiful and poignant techniques (Lazaris calls them True Eyes of Soul and Infused Light of Spirit), we can begin to see ourselves as our Soul sees us and as our spirit experiences us. We can touch the love that is divine and the beauty that endures. Touching, with Lazaris’ intimate guidance, we can be touched.

We can change, lifting our limits and expanding our boundaries. We can love spontaneously and live magnanimously.

We can enter that eternal dance of Soul and Spirit. We can reap the bounty of the magnificent and the resplendent. We can be free. Welcome . . .

Evening with Lazaris – New Portals of Freedom: Intimate Dialogues with Your Future Self

Free from so much of what was, you are now free to become and to be more than you have been — more than you would have dared dream yourself to be. Your Future Self, bountiful and free, eagerly awaits. — Lazaris
Our Future Self can be our guide — our incredible and loving guide — to opening new avenues to freedom and new gateways to being free. They can reveal the “secrets” they have discovered within the possibilities and capacities of having freedom. They can also show us more elegant ways to enter the Mystery of Freedom.

Through a powerful and illuminating technique of Intimate Dialogues, our Future Self can help us discover the purity and clarity with which to define ourselves and with which to expand our boundaries.

Together we can explore ways of acting without compulsion or habit and methods of participating without coercion or control. With their guidance we can become more and more self-reliant; our choices can become more powerful and more magical.

With our Future Self within the Mystery of Freedom, we can enhance our rapport and relationship with freedom, and we can open the portal to the Essence of Freedom.

Yes. Being free offers more than hope can hold. Welcome to another loving evening with Lazaris. Welcome.

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