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9018 Veil of Mattering


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Legacy PPV Lifting the Veil of Mattering and Revealing the Joy of Living and Loving Life (Culminating Weekend)

Product #9018

9018 Veil of Mattering
45 Day Access

Keywords: mattering, prosperity, peace, confidence, joy

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Lifting the Veil of Mattering and Revealing the Joy of Living and Loving Life, Culminating Weekend

Nothing has to be the same. Nothing. You can touch the joy that has no name … it can touch and change you. You can embrace the love that is beyond all names … it can embrace and heal you.   With a pinch of magic, nothing has to be the same. It is so … and so it is. Dare you let it be? — Lazaris

There are four veils. Each seems translucent – almost invisible – and appears inconsequential to our journey. After all, we still know what matters. We still can enjoy the life we have created. Yet each of these veils can entangle us, distracting us from the joy that could be ours. Each can entrap us, detaining us from the nourishing and healing love that could embrace and nurture us. Each veil can encumber us, denying us the bounty of living and loving an inspiring and magical life.

As we can lift one and then another of these four Veils of Mattering, we can be astonished – utterly blown-away – by the bounty of our discovery. Our living and loving can flourish and soar … miraculous. Our joy can be ebullient … alive with light and laughter. And we can become and be so much more … transcendent. The words fall short; we are bound only by our imagination and our willingness. Lazaris asks, "Dare we let it be?".

Throughout the year Lazaris has talked about how knowing what matters is important, of course, but knowing the Magic of Mattering – the unspoken voice of mattering – can be exponentially profound, catapulting what we know of what matters to new heights and new dimensions. We can lift knowing what matters to manifesting what matters. With just a pinch of this Magic of Mattering anything, everything, can be different: Lazaris reminds us, "Nothing has to be the same …"

Lazaris will help us travel along four corridors: the Corridor of Mattering; the Corridor of Prosperity; the Corridor of Peace, Confidence, and Composure, and along the splendid and lustrous Corridor of Winning/Fun. Upon one or another of these avenues we will find what we need. Maybe we will find forgotten power lost or relinquished long ago; perhaps we will stumble upon a gift never received. Our treasure might be a private or personal healing necessary to set us free. Lazaris and our unseen friends will be there as we uncover our personal veils of mattering. Before the days are done we can find what we seek: we can find that pinch of magic otherwise hidden in the recesses, hidden in the wrinkles and folds, of mattering.

Living and loving can flourish and soar; joy can be alive with light and laughter. And we can become … we can be so much much more. Yeah, we dare to let it be. Welcome. …

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