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9008 Awakening the Sacred of Freedom


Legacy PPV Awakening the Sacred of Freedom: The Miraculous Gifts of Divine Union, A Congress of Magicians ~ Los Angeles, February 2008

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9008 Awakening the Sacred of Freedom
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We can release the tattered traces of our past, and we can embrace success with both celebration and triumph. We can receive healing, and our giving can be alive with joy and exaltation. Renewing our commitment to our Higher Self and Soul as we revitalize our covenant with God/Goddess/All That Is, we can dance … yes, we can dance with love.

And in a moment, perhaps when we least expect it, we can be awash with the gifts of Divine Love and of Divine Union: We can know love as we have never experienced it before; we can know how to love as we have never loved before.

Lazaris invites us to an enchanting experience of love, magic, and healing. He, along with our Higher Selves and Souls, is calling us to gather in a sacred place, a place made sacred by our presence. And together with the others who hear the call, we can stir freedom and we can awaken something that is too often lost of freedom. We can awaken the beauties and the mysteries of freedom.

As we will explore and work together, we will work our magic for ourselves and for each other, and we will work Love’s Magic and the High Magic that "is sourced in love and whose only technique is choice. " And amid the workings of the two sacred magics … oh, the miracles that can unfold and the gifts of bounty and wonder we can create and receive.

As with other Congress of Magicians events, these two days will not be about learning new techniques or about exploring new ideas. Instead we will focus on working the magic we know — on working the magic we might otherwise work alone — and upon doing that magic together with each other and together with Lazaris.

Welcome to the magic; welcome to the love. Welcome to the freedom of being and becoming more.

A Gathering of Magicians Evening: Initiation of the Magics: Igniting the Essence of Freedom

This special evening is not the usual Evening with Lazaris. There is no discussion or exploration of techniques; instead it is an unusually poignant and intimate time with Lazaris as together we work a beautiful ritual of magic.

Lazaris will create a radiant Crystal Grid; by his invitation, together we will activate that grid creating a powerful resonance. Once activated, Lazaris and our Higher Self will gently guide each of us beyond form, function, and energy … beyond our personal limitations and impedances … and then into the Valley of Giants (the realm of the "formless forms" known as Archetypes). With Lazaris, our Higher Self, and the Archetypes at our side, we will journey beyond structure, beyond concept, in the august domain called Essence.

We can witness and participate in an exceptionally rare event: We can initiate the magics — not just one magic but several magics — setting them in motion for the entire year. And we can ignite the fires and stir the winds of freedom … of the essence of freedom.

In a moment that can be forever, we can bring our bounty and our love, and we can bask in the stunning resonance of this amazing evening of magic. We can become Purveyors of Freedom for our reality and for our world. Welcome.

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